Y.S. Park Tortoise Wood Air Vent Cushion Brush

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Specially sized to suit all needs, even for blow drying.The long heat resistant boar bristles smoothly grab and lustrously straighten the hair. With a super light weight nano silver anti-static wooden body for a better airflow, the handle�s comfort grip is engineered with air holes built-in to prevent clammy hands, providing the stylist incredible control over each stroke.

  • Made of natural carbon wood.
  • Pins are made of Boar & Nylon, which is ideal for brushing and a smooth finishing.
  • Ventilation holes on the backside of the brush allow the hair to dry quickly.
  • Ergonomic handle design featuring ventilation holes for anti-slip grip & total control.
  • Cushion base made to be gentle on the scalp.
  • Regular cushion provides more tension when brushing, which is better for drying wet hair.
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