Hair masks are like shoes, they aren't  one size fits all

I don't know about you, but I LOVE wearing hair masks. Before I started doing my own research, I would try any mask that someone would give me. Hydrating masks, detanglers, damage control, anti frizz, color treated, you name it, I probably already tried it. Even though my hair wasn't frizzy or colored at the time, I thought the idea of any hair mask was good for my hair health.

Keep the hair masks coming!

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However, a lot of these hair masks were probably ineffective, since not all hair masks suit your individual hair texture and needs. You have to find the right formula that complements your hair type, just like finding the right pair of shoes that fit. Nothing's worse than a shoe that is too big or too small, so why would you use a hair mask that is too hydrating or too drying?

Hair type

In order to choose the best hair mask, it's important to evaluate your specific hair type. As each different type of hair has different qualities and needs,  it is important to determine what category you fit best as a guideline for your choice of mask.

The Best Hair Mask For Color Treated Hair

If you've ever lighten your hair, then you know how damaging bleaching can be. Bleach essentially dissolves pigments of your hair, so naturally the ends become more dry and fragile. Hair masks are a must for you, but make sure you buy masks that won't strip away your color. You want to look for ingredients that are moisturizing, color preserving and have protein to repair any damage.

The Schwarzkopf Professional BC Color Freeze Treatment is a really good option. It's made with a color save technology to seal in the color while also nourishing your hair. It can help to reduce frizz, smooth hair to improve manageability and also protects the hair from UV rays. Leave this product in your hair as you cleanse with the shampoo for 5-10 minutes and then rinse well.

Bonacure Color freeze treatment 750ml

The Best Hair Mask For Curly Hair

Curly hair tends to be a bit more dry than straight hair, so it is important to find a mask with hydrating oils. Some oils to keep in mind are coconut oil, olive oil and Marula oil. That being said, you don't want a product that's too heavy and weights down your natural bounce.

A nice option is the Paul mitchell Curl Full Circle Leave-In Treatment which is made specifically for curly hair. This leave-in conditioner will not only protect against further damage, but will hydrate your curls, tame frizz and won't weigh them down. The treatment is also paraben free, vegan and color safe.

Paul mitchell Curl Full Circle Leave-In Treatment, 6.8 oz

The Best Hair Mask For Oily Hair

If your hair is more on the oily side, then hair masks might not be for you, Thick moisturizing treatments will make your hair even greasier, which is probably not the look you want to achieve.  Instead of opting for a mask, try an at home hair rinse using apple cider vinegar to balance the pH levels. Just blend 1 cup of water with 2-4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle. This will leave your hair feeling clean and oil free!

The Best Hair Mask For Dry Hair

For those with dry hair, a mask with oil-based ingredients is a must. The oil will help to replenish moisture into your hair and make your hair appear softer. For people who have dry and thin hair, lighter oils like sesame are ideal since it won't drag your hair down. If you have dry but thick hair, you can use heavier oils such as coconut and shea.

For thin and dry hair, try Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Reboost Mask which is made with camellia oil. This oil is known to be lightweight, but also very moisturizing. For thick and dry hair, the Lakme K.Therapy Bioargan Hydrating Mask is a great option. This mask contains 100% organic argan oil and is ideal for thick hair.

Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Reboost Mask 150ml

The Best Hair Mask For Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, then many hair masks might actually be too heavy for your strands. Try using treatments that have lightweight oils such as Abyssinian oil or even honey extract. Also keep an eye out for strengthening ingredients such as rice proteins.

The Rusk Brilliance Grapefruit & Honey Leave-In Conditioner is ideal for fragile hair! It contains anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C-rich Grapefruit Extract, Vitamin E and  Vitamin A. It is also blended with pure honey, sea Kelp and  vegetable protein that will help to strengthen your hair.

Rusk Brilliance Grapefruit & Honey Leave-In Conditioner 235 ml

The Best Hair Mask For Thick Hair

If you've been blessed with thick hair, then you're in luck! Most hair masks will work, however you should look for treatments that are heavy moisturizers since you have so much hair. Try masks with protein to continue to growing luscious locks as well as oils to provide shine.

The WELLA Enrich Moisturizing Treatment for Coarse Hair is specifically designed for thick and coarse strands. The formula will moisture and add smoothness to hair, while instantly repairing  damage. It can be used weekly and is meant to be applied to damp hair, left in for 5 minutes and then rinsed out.

WELLA Enrich Moisturizing Treatment for Coarse Hair 5.07oz

Now go out, grab yourself a hair mask and pamper your hair!