In the era of more textured hair making a big — and welcomed! — comeback, layered hairstyles are also a new favourite. Remember the mullet, the shag, and the voluminous 90s blowouts from last year? Exactly, that’s the idea.

The butterfly haircut, which is a feathered style with cascading layers and a lot of movement, is another expression of this wilder and more voluminous type of hair trending in real life and on social media. Incidentally, it's called the butterfly haircut because the movement of the strands, on each side of the face, look like a butterfly with its wings fluttering. Pretty. And practical.

With the Butterfly haircut, you get the best of both worlds: longer layers below the shoulders to give the illusion of long hair. While the layering provides the volume of shorter hair, and removes some of the weight so hair is bouncy and holds its shape. On point.

Who Is it For?

If you have thick, textured hair you are going to love a butterfly cut! The reason? You have the base from which to carry this wispy style, while the layers will keep the bulk of your hair under control. Keep in mind this is also a great haircut for curly hair, since the curls enhance the movement of the cut.

Fine hair? Because feathered cuts tend to make hair look a bit more sparse, the butterfly haircut might not be the best choice for you. Unless you add a few well-placed hair extensions around the face. Or just go for a dupe butterfly cut by asking your stylist to add some face-framing layers like chin bangs to your blunt bob. That’s an idea.

Styling Your Butterfly Cut With a Blow Dryer

On clean, towel-dried hair apply a heat protection serum. Then use a round brush to blow-dry your hair while giving it height — this is an important part to give it some bounce and volume. You will also need some velcro rollers to give your hair the subtle curl it needs to become even more feathery and wispy. Roll each of them upwards, and continue blow-drying your hair. Use the cool air blast to set the style, and leave the rollers in for about ten minutes. Remove the velcro rollers, turn your head upside down for added volume and sexy messiness. Spritz a bit of hairspray. And voilà, ready to wow for Valentine’s Day!