It is finally time to say YES to your significant other!

I officially declare the wedding season O-P-E-N !

You are wondering what I am talking about ? Well June and July are THE months to get married. Why? It's sunny, birds are singing, temperature is (finally) warm...

Urg what a great time to tie the knot !!!

All your friends are getting married ? The proposal wave is coming at you and you feel overwhelmed by all that you have to know ?

We got you covered, here is a quick guide to make you wedding ready:

Where to get married:

So this season's trendy wedding locations are.

What about a vineyard, California is close by and is overflowing by the most beautiful vineyards. why is this a great idea ? well imagine yourself sipping on some delicious wine while watching your bff getting married ?

Sounds like a dream eh !

The other trendy location of the moment is Europe! NO need to explain, getting married in a beautiful castle is THE wedding dream of every little girl! And what better place to find castles than Italy, France or the UK !

Last but not least, the beach. Featured in countless rom-coms, the beach wedding has earned the golden place of a "classic". But careful,when it comes to a beach venue , the line is small between classy and kitsch.

What hairstyle to do to rock your wedding:

Long Hair Don't Care, DIY:

The "Easy Chignon" is perfect to show a clear face. If you want to put the emphasis on your makeup or on your popping eyes, thi is definitely the perfect hairstyle. This look is truly gorgeous and you can even easily do it yourself ! :) It is perfect for long or medium-long hair.

The short hair edition:

The short hair does not require that much of an effort to style. You can brighten up the look by adding some accessories like barrettes, glitter, a tiara...

Say YES to the (guest) dress:

If you are still not familiar with all the wedding shenanigans, the dress, the presents, the ceremony and so on... You could soon be overwhelmed and start to freak out.

You don't know what would be appropriate to wear to a wedding, here is what you should know:

this season theme is ... BE yourself, and be colourful, the more flowery, the more paterny, the more colourful you are, the best it is.

Plisse-Sateen Mini Dress from Birger Christensen.

Neon Broderie Midi Dress with Puff Sleeves from ASOS.

Blouse Dress with MIlle Fleurs Print from Amazon.

As much as these colourful dresses are beautiful and are in this season's theme, be sure to consult the bride and groom before choosing your outfit to make sure they agree with this trend. Because let's not forget that it is their wedding and they will have the last word on every decision taken.

Trendy colours of the moment:

This season's trendy wedding colours are :

  • Poppy & Sage: perfect for your long-dreamed destination wedding. If you are a guest and going to a beach-themed wedding, these colours can inspire your dresses choice :)
  • White, Gold & Green: These colours  should be favored for a Vineyard venue or a castle venue as they are neutral but chic and will not take up to much space compared to the beautiful view.
  • Lilac & Lavender: These color fall in the classic category but are truly perfect for an outdoor venue as they blend amazingly with outdoors colours like green...
  • Marigold & Floral: these summery colours are indeed perfect for a summer wedding ! no need to explain why, the colours talk for themselves.

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Best Bridal Gifts:

You are still new in the wedding world, still unfamiliar with all these wedding shenanigans ? what colour to wear, what hairstyle to adopt, what dress for ahat venue, and off course what present for the bridal shower!

As  wedding season is starting now, bridal shower season has started long before.. TIC TOC, you don't have much time left to find the perfect present and you are starting to settle for the basic candle...

This list of presents is just for you:

  • PJ's : we all have comfy PJ's but do we have the perfect cute PJ that your husband will like ? Maybe not ... An PJ's are always handy so this gift is for sure a safe bet !
  • Blanquet : A comfortable blanquet always comes in handy when you watch TV! The message you will be sending with this gift is: "have a happy life in your new love nest !" and it is perfect !!
  • Passeport: This is great if the honeymoon is abroad !

Hope this helped ;)