Whether you’re opening a new salon or already currently have one - it’s always a good idea to research what products are trending and which ones will do best on your shelves.

We went around salons and spoke with stylists to find out which top 10 products will have clients wiping your shelves clean!

1. Thermal Protectant  

Lakme Top 10

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A thermal protectant is a must - and Lakme’s Top 10 balm provides more than just heat protection. Use it as a leave in or to add that extra softness- whatever it is your hair needs, Lakme Top 10 will cover it.

2. Texturizing Spray

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It’s all about those textured beach waves - and with summer coming up this one’s bound to be a hit.

3. Hair Chalk

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A unique product but a great talking point - hair chalk can add that extra volume and texture to give your hair the lift it needs!


4. Hair Loss / Thinning Product

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Too often hair loss and thinning products are overlooked when searching for items to showcase, but this is a commonly searched product for a wide range of clients. It’s great to have a product for every type of hair concern - especially hair loss.

5. Hair Oil

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You can never go wrong with a quality hair oil - a product that anyone can benefit from.


6. Detangling Brush

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We all need one. And this one’s gold.

7. Spiral Elastics

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These cute hair slinkies are a hit. A cute and easy little product to keep on your shelves or by the register. They’re irresistible!


8. Travel Kits

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A great option to upsell to clients going on a trip or just to bring that little extra sun-shine into your salon. Look for 100ml products no further - your salon can now provide your clients with them!


9. Leave-in Conditioner

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A leave-in conditioner for all those dry-haired clients out there looking for some moisture in their life.


10. Staple Men Products

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We can’t forget about all the male clients that come into the salon - and all the husbands that have to wait for their loved one’s new-do. Having hair product options for men will diversify your shelves.


Which one of these are you going to add to your shelves? Let me know in the comments below!