Quality, reliable products are a must for stylists. But, there’s so many products and brands out there - how do you narrow it down?

We went out and asked stylists their go-to products -- so you don’t have to!

Here’s what they came up with:


1.  Salon Club Curl Clips


2.  Salon Club Freestyle Detachable Roller Brushes




3.  Valera Blow Dryer



4.  Y.S. Park Diffuser



5.  Verdict Multi Barrel Curling Wand



6.  Glam Palm Flat Iron



7.  Salon Club Boar Brush



8.  Y.S. Park 150 Comb




9.  Hair Treats Round Brush



10.  Salon Club Nylon & Boar Paddle Brush



Which one of these do you want to try? Which do you already have?

Let me know in the comments below!