Are you tired of seeing the same boring silver foils on your client's head every day?

Well Foil Me Foils has got you covered! With pastel colored foil sheets, your clients hair will be looking fashionable from start to finish of the coloring process. Not to mention that you will be the coolest stylist on the block!

Beauty Route is proud to now offer these designer-worthy foils! We will be launching this new brand as of December 1st on

So jump onto this pink bandwagon and learn more about theses pink foils from Foil me Foils!

 Get to know the company

The company Foil Me Foils is a family business located in Adelaide, Australia. It was originally founded by a husband and wife duo, Iliano and Emily Ciardiello in 2014. Since then, they have build up quite a client base, selling to over 1200 salons based both in Australia and worldwide.

In 2015, Foil Me Foils expanded into the USA market and now offer  their products in both the USA and Canada through their online site.

This company is also big on giving back to their community. As part of Breast Cancer awareness month this past October, they had partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) for Pink October. With this initiative they aim to raise both awareness and funds for this important cause.

Get to know the foil

Foil Me Foils is known for their world renowned pre-cut foil sheets called Grip Me Originals and Grip Me collection.Their elegant design, featuring a signature embossing can help to save you time by preventing the hair from slipping and speeding up the coloring process time. Their foils also come in a convenient "tissue-box" design for quick dispensing without the stick. The Grip Me collection is currently available in two sizes to fit various coloring techniques.


A special touch

A unique feature of this brand is their line of foils with pink coloring. Not only is the color beautiful to look at, but it has a deeper purpose too. Pink comes from the primary color red, which is known as the universal color of love. Foil Me Foils chose this color in the hopes that both the staff and clients fall in love with both your salon and their new hair! This color is also proven to increase productivity, which is always a good thing.

Good for hair and good for the environment

The embossed grips on these foils are great for preventing hair from slipping! But that's not the only thing that these foils are good for. This product is actually environmentally friendly, as the foils are 100% recyclable and they are even made from a percentage of recycled aluminium.

Let's make foil exciting!

I'll ask this question one last time; aren't you tired of seeing the same boring silver foils on your client's head every day? As hair professionals, you're always on top of the newest trends and looking for innovative new hairstyles, so why be any different with your hair tools. The exciting pink color is sure to brighten both you and your clients day!

We hope you give this foil a try and let us know what you think of the color!