Whether you’re in your twenties, thirties, forties, or fifties, hair loss and hair thinning affects 80% of the female population by the time they’re 60, and 85% of men by the time they reach 50 years old.

Don’t panic! Lucky for you, there are solutions and ways to work with what you’ve got! Keep reading for stronger, thicker hair!

Let’s be clear – thin hair and fine hair are not the same.

Thin hair simply means that you have fewer follicles, resulting in the existing follicles to be more spread out across your scalp; in other words, less hair. Whereas fine hair refers to the actual thickness of each hair – if you have fine hair, it means each strand of hair is not very thick.


So… You have thin hair - big deal!

Not only are there beautiful hairstyles thin-haired ladies can do, but Lakme offers products specifically made to tackle hair thinning and hair loss that you, (your boyfriend, husband, brother, father), would love; all offered here! If you're wondering why your hair is thinning in the first place, it could be due to a few reasons; you could be stressed out, you may have a hormonal issue, or it could even be genetics!


Your New Best Friend: Lakme's K. Therapy Active Shock Concentrate

Not only does this active concentrate intensely act as a preventative measure for hair loss, but it also increases the density of your hair! All you have to do is wash your hair with shampoo; apply and massage the Therapy Active Shock Concentrate into your scalp; DO NOT RINSE; and you're done. Repeat this routine 3 times a week, on alternating days for 6 to 9 weeks and you will have fuller, thicker hair!

What makes this treatment so magical, you ask? The combination of the active ingredients:

  • Procapil:
    • Stimulates cell dynamism to delay hair loss.
    • Prevents ageing of hair which delays hair loss.
    • Stops hair loss and increases density of hair.
    • Helps in improving blood circulation.
  • Olive leaf extract:
    • Regulates activity of the sebaceous gland, reducing production of DHT* (*powerful metabolite of the human body, which causes hair loss).
    • Regulates and normalizes the scalp's sebaceous secretions.
  • Bioactive peptides:
    • Regulates the correct development of the hair cycle.
    • Vitalizes scalp cells and hair follicles.


While you're patiently waiting for the magic to work throughout the 6 to 9 weeks, there are some hairstyles you can take advantage of with having thin hair....


If You Have LONG Thin Hair

If you don't have bangs already, get them! By adding bangs and fringes around your face, and putting your hair up in a cute ponytail, you will hide any thinning that occurs near your hair-part!


If You Have SHORT Thin Hair

We are obsessed with the lob - "long bob" - like Ashley Graham's 2018 MET Gala hairstyle (click here to recreate her look at home). This look is really a go-to for short-thin-haired ladies; definitely try it out! However, if you're into a really short look, there's always the classic pixie cut.


If You Have CURLY Thin Hair

You're lucky - having curly hair means you naturally have some aspect of volume, which is super helpful in camouflaging hair-thinning. We recommend that you keep your length no longer than shoulder-length, for the weight of long hair could result in curls that are not only difficult to manage, but have less volume. With the suggested length, apply KeraStraight's Glossing Texture Cream after you wash your hair, to reduce frizz and let your hair dry naturally. If you're struggling with thinning in parietal areas of your head, try adding fringes around your face to hide the area.


If You Have WAVY Thin Hair

You need to go with a wavy, graduated bob hairstyle! Your natural waves in short length will give you more volume and also hide any thinning patches you have - it's life changing. Embrace those waves!


See? As I said, there are solutions and also ways to beautifully work with what you've got! Give Lakme's K. Therapy Active Shock Concentrate a go and while the treatment works itself during the 6 to 9 weeks, have fun in styling your thin hair with hairstyles literally meant for thin hair.

Let me know about your hair-growth journey in the comments below!

Good luck and may the hair growth be in your favour...