It's official: spring is finally here!

We could not be more excited about this change in season; finally, we get to say a final goodbye to these past months' wintery cold. 

Naturally, as the weather warms up and the flowers start to blossom, we feel compelled to spend more time outdoors. And besides taking in this flourishing new life, it may just be the case that we're also on the lookout for a potential partner. (Nothing wrong with those who are happy with the single life, by the way...just thought I'd make that clear.)

Whether you're going on a coffee date, on a dinner with a special someone or simply hanging out with friends, here's 5 different hairstyles for you to try!

1. Romantic wavy low bun

No introduction needed here - this is THE ultimate date night look!

Preferably, this hairstyle should be worn in the evenings for special occasions; it absolutely oozes elegance and taste, so make sure to reserve it for dinner at that buzzing upscale restaurant you've been dreaming about going all year.

...Style it at home!

Since this is a hairstyle that mimics the "windswept look" you want it to have texture and slight volume. Thus, your first step is to spray your hair with a volumizing spray, such as the Style ID by Hair Treats.

Protip: Use dry shampoo if you're in-between washes before applying any volumizing spray.


Step 2 is to curl the ends as well as the mid-ends of your hair. Don't forget to use a heat protectant spray beforehand! Remember that healthy hair plays a huge role in how aesthetically-pleasing the  hairstyle turns out to be.

After using the curling wand, go ahead and section your hair in such a way that the lower 3/4 is tied into a low, slicked back ponytail, whereas the top 1/4 is clipped away. Proceed to twist the ponytail into a bun--whether it is messy, neatly styled or slightly asymmetrical is entirely up to you!

Now that you have the "core" of the hairstyle done, you can loosen the top section and comb through the curls with your fingers. This is important as you want it to have that natural, windblown effect. Take both sides of the loose curls and pin them together right above the bun; you want to give an illusion that the curls are coming together at the center or "core". Use more hair pins to "hide away" the remaining strands inside the bun; alternatively, you can also slightly loosen the bun so it covers more surface area and camouflages the extra hair.

Finally, tug at very small pieces of hair, following an imaginary spiral. This will further enhance the dimension of the look and ta-da!

You're all glammed out and ready to go!

Get more info ...

There are several ways you can replicate this updo. For a step-by-step tutorial, you can check out Tina's from MakeupWearables Hairstyles or follow Stephanie's blog at,  which are very good sources for all things hair-related!

2. Glam curls

Yet again another classic look to wear on a night out!

You can easily achieve this look by using a long barrel, curling wand; heat protectant spray and a holding spray.

As seen in the picture, the model has gone for a very deep side parting and  curled the front hair pieces outwards, away from her face. She's also seen sporting the trendy golden blonde balayage; her hair looks dreamy with the contrasting hints of chestnut brown peeping through the blonde. This is so in line with spring, and a true vision of that "sun-kissed" hair look!

How stunning!

3. Twisted Headband Updo

I'm not sure why, but this reminds me of a Greek-inspired hairdo...I can already picture someone pairing this look with a crisp white, long & flowy dress. Undoubtedly, this is a rather romantic choice of hairstyle and brings attention to the sensual attributes of your decolletage.

This hairstyle, though elaborate-looking, is rather easy to do on your own and won't take long at all! For this exact reason, the twisted headband updo probably stands out as the highlight out of the 5 hairstyles we've picked for you; I mean, who doesn't love to look put-together with little to no effort?

And just in case you were thinking of learning how to try it, we're ahead of you ! We've broken it down step-by-step so you can easily follow along right at the comfort of your home. (Rest assured that beginners will also be able to do it).

...Style it at Home!

Curl the tips of your hair and place a headband to your liking along the crown of your head. With a comb, smoothly brush the rest of your hair and roll it up as smoothly as possible (imagine you had a roller on). Carefully pin the rolled-up hair inside the hairband. And you can now step out feeling like a Greek goddess!

4. Sexy loose waves

Not surprisingly, this one made it into our top 5 looks for a night out. It's super easy to do and requires minimal tools and hair care products; really all that's needed is a good curling wand, a heat protectant spray and, if you wish, go ahead and spray the finished results with a long-lasting holding spray.

In this particular picture, Lily Aldridge is seen rocking a very slight parting to her left side with very striking face-framing loose waves. The key to getting this look down to a T is to brush your hair through or run it through your fingers: none of the waves should be well-defined!

5. Faux Knot Braid

Although the faux knot braid is neither romantic nor sexy, it is a very intricate hairstyle that won't fall short in catching everyone's attention. It is stunning regardless and can double up both as a casual look AND as a dressier updo; as long as you dress accordingly, it will work as intended.

For this look, you won't need much: a hair brush and elastics will suffice.

...Style it at Home!

Firstly, you'll want to make sure your hair has been brushed out and there are no knots. Then, take a small section (roughly 1 inch) from each side and bring them to the back. Proceed to tie them into a knot and secure it with an elastic. Continue doing the same down along the hair, ensuring that the knots are roughly aligned below each other. If you wish, you can slightly tug at each "row" of hair to create a more casual look or leave it as it is, if you like the structured look.

For a more thorough tutorial, you can check out Mimi from LuxyHair on Youtube. You'll be amazed at her wonderful talent maneuvering hair.


And there you have it! These are our top 5 looks for going on a date. We hope that you enjoyed reading this and wanted to thank our readers for your continued support!

Also just before we sign off, we would appreciate it if you left suggestions as to the kind of content you'd like to see !