Tangled hair is what will turn your bad day, into your worst day.

There is nothing worse than running your fingers through your hair and getting stuck mid-finger-combing. And don't get us started on running into an unexpected knot while passing your brush through - ouch!

You probably are a victim of tangled hair if you have super thick hair, long and fine hair, curly hair, dry hair, or damaged hair - UNTIL NOW.

We're going to share our magic formula on how to never deal with hair tangling again. Read more for tangle-free hair!



Conditioner Is Your BFF

If there's one thing you DO take away from these tips, it's this one: NEVER, ever, never, ever, skip on conditioner. Conditioning your hair after shampooing will assist with restoring moisture back into it, which will leave it smooth and less likely to tangle.  We suggest that you begin your showers with shampooing your hair, then applying your conditioner - but wait until after you wash your body to rinse it out! This will allow for the conditioner to soak in more.

An excellent conditioner that prioritizes detangling, frizz-control and creating a fabulous finish is TIGI's S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer Conditioner!


Get Your Hair Mask On

If you're not already incorporating a hair mask in your hair-care routine, then it's time to do so! Doing a hair mask, as little as once a week will drastically improve your hair's condition - it's really worth it. Ever since I started doing hair masks, my hair has been silkier, shinier, and healthier. Other benefits include restoring your hair's moisture and essential nutrients! I have been using Pure Coconut Oil and Lakme's Therapy Bioargan Hydrating Mask. Here's how to use them:

Pure Coconut Oil: Begin by applying coconut oil from your roots to ends, then twist the hair into a chignon bun. I usually leave it in for 30 minutes and shampoo my hair after. Although, sometimes I'll leave it in overnight, and shampoo my hair the following morning. I found that my best results have been after leaving it in overnight, but 30 minutes will still give you the shine and moisture you want!

Lakme's Therapy Bioargan Hydrating Mask

The Bioargan Hydrating Mask is usually my second hair mask of the week since it doesn't require as much time as the pure coconut oil hair mask does. The mask is made up of 100% pure Argan oil, which will deeply moisturize and nourish your hair. Your hair's shine, softness and elasticity will also be restored. For this mask, you'll need to shampoo your hair first, towel dry it, then apply this mask.  Apply it from roots to ends and leave it in for only 5 minutes; after the 5 minutes are up, hop back in the shower and rinse out the mask. SO quick and easy!


Wide Tooth Comb Is The Way To Go

Word of advice: do NOT use a brush on your wet hair, unless you want to cause breakage and more tangles. Using a wide tooth comb, which is designed specifically to detangle your hair efficiently and safely, is the best way to comb your hair. 

Even on dry hair, it is recommended to use a comb like Salon Club's Detangling Comb to get knots out and untangle hair. Using this comb will help prevent your hair from getting damaged or torn!


Cool It With The Heat-Styling Tools

I know, I know... You've heard it a thousand times before - but avoid using hot styling tools often! Between straightening, curling and drying your hair, your hair is exposed to a lot of heat... These tools will lead to the inevitable result of hair-breakage and dry hair, which causes hair-tangling. 

If you absolutely must incorporate heat-styling, don't forget to apply KeraStraight's Heat Protection Spray!


Not-So Sleeping Beauty

Your hair, naturally, gets tangled when you sleep which is how the term 'bed-head' came to be; the friction against the pillow when you toss and turn tangles your hair. Therefore, we suggest you go to sleep with a loose braid or tie your hair up in a loose bun.

The hair-tie you you use should be either a scrunchie or Salon Club's Hair SlinkyGuaranteed, you will be waking up with tangle-free hair!


Soft Bristles = Soft Hair

Brushing your hair more often is HEALTHY for your hair! The more you brush your hair, the less it'll tangle! Using CROC's Boar Brush, brush your hair 2 to 3 times a day, especially before showering and going to bed. The brush's bristles are soft and ion charged, which detangles hair without breaking it, hydrates and conditions your hair.


There you have it! Incorporate these tips into your hair-care routine to never deal with tangled hair again. 

Here's a little bonus tip: carry a comb in your purse!


What are your detangling methods? Let us know!