Summer has arrived!

Well... technically the official first day of summer is a month from now, but we can't wait that long - we just had to share our summer must-haves! We're about to blow your mind with our traveling and summer essentials, because not only are they good quality products, but they're also under $100!

Be vacation ready, while on a budget, with these products - and don't worry boys, we didn't forget about you!


Ladies first - the issue of over-packing when traveling is real; we need to have not only the outfits we planned to wear, but also back-up outfits, just in case we're not feeling a particular planned outfit - right? And on top of our many outfits, we need to bring our own straightener and hair dryer because the ones at the hotel just won't cut it. 

Enter: Beauty Route. What if we told you that you can still pack your one-thousand clothing pieces AND your beauty necessities, all while being under the suitcase weight limit...


Hair Forensic's Compact Velocity Travel Dryer



Not only will this be the cutest, little hair dryer you'll ever see, but it promises fast hair-drying time and professional styling! It has 2 speed settings, 2 heat settings, and a tangle-free cord - need I say more?  This travel dryer, although tiny, is quite mighty!


Hair Treats' BAM BAM Mini Flat Iron 



Like the Velocity Travel Dryer, this straightener is little and cute, and works wonders! Like a regular-sized flat iron, it can heat up to 450 F AND it comes in 6 colours; Cobalt Blue, Fuchsia, Maroon, Black, White, and Purple! Just when you thought traveling couldn't be any easier with this flat iron, a heat resistant travel case is included upon purchasing.


KeraStraight's Travel Kit



I'm just going to say it - the worst shampoos and conditioners are the ones included in your hotel room. So, for the sake of our hair, we're forced to pack our regular, full-sized shampoo and conditioner bottles with us. With KeraStraight's Travel Kit, you'll be eliminating a large set of weight from your suitcase and you'll have quality products to wash your hair with, abroad! The kit comes with a small shampoo and conditioner bottle - perfect for your travels!


And for the men...

Barberstation's Travel Size Pomade



Have the perfect vacation hair with this excellent water based pomade! If you're traveling somewhere humid, you may want to seriously consider this miracle-worker. This pomade will hold your hair in place, like a wax, and rinse out like a gel!


American Crew's Style Travel Kit - with Fiber 



This perfect travel kit includes a 3-in-1 Tea Tree to refresh both, your skin and hair; a shaving gel; a post-shave cooling lotion, and fiber. The addition of the fiber is amazing - it provides a strong hold, style control, refined texture and the fiber gives you a smooth finish! If you have medium to long hair, this style kit is definitely for you!


American Crew's Style Travel Kit - with Forming Cream 



Like the American Crew Style Travel Kit with Fiber, the style kit with Forming Cream, offers a 3-in-1 Tea Tree, shaving gelpost-shave cooling lotion, and a forming cream instead of the fiber. The forming cream typically is for all hair types, but this style kit is especially made for you if you have thinner hair, and want to create a thicker-hair appearance - the forming cream will do just that!


Now that you're travel-ready, here are some summer essentials that you must have - travels or no travels!

WELLA's Professionals EIMI Ocean Spritz Spray



If you're not traveling anywhere exotic this summer (like me), no worries! You can still achieve an authentic beach look, with WELLA's Professionals EIMI Ocean Spritz Spray - who said you needed the ocean to get beach waves?  All you have to do is spray it in your hair, scrunch your hair using your hands, and let your hair air dry - cheapest vacation ever.


Lakme's Sun Care Travel Pack 



Whether you're going somewhere hot or simply enjoying the sun from home, Lakme's Sun Care Travel Pack will most definitely come in handy. The pack comes with Sun Care Shampoo, Sun Care Treatment, and Sun Care Serum; all with the purpose to protect your hair from any sun damage! Also, the serum is amazing for repairing any sun-damaged ends - a serious summer must-have!


Selfie Tan’n Go's Self-Tanner Line


$11.99 - $44.99

This is really what you want this summer - a self-tanner for not only your body, but your face too! I don't know about you, but my biggest struggle while trying to find the perfect self-tanner was searching for a quality brand that makes specially made face self-tanners, and not only ones for the body. Well, I no longer need to look any farther and neither do you! The Selfie Tan’n Go Instant Face Bronzer Wash Off Formula and Selfie Tan’n Go Mousse are the go-to's for our vacation-less summer!

Even if you are traveling this summer and want to either; enhance your natural tan or limit your sun exposure, we suggest you bring Selfie Tan’n Go Mini Travel Kit  along with you to maximize your summer look in a SUNLESS way!


You are officially ready for summer and for travelling!

Let us know which of these summer essential products you're dying to try out, in the comments below!