Straightening your hair can be a pain, especially when your hair has a tendency to want to curl back. You apply high heat to smaller sections, in the hope that the hair stays down. This often results in straight hair (yes!), which is sadly also flat (meh) and lost all its volume.

There are, however, some techniques to remedy this; you can straighten the hair with a round brush and a blow dryer, you can also apply volumizing mousse at the root, or you can tease your hair to add volume and much more. All these techniques can give amazing results yet they all have one flaw in common: all require either an additional step or incredible ambidextrous abilities.

As a right-handed person myself, I find the ambidextrous aspect to be quite challenging; I've never quite been able to handle both tools at one without getting my hair tangled. I then relied mostly on teasing and the mousse; both, which drastically changed the texture of my hair and added bulkiness, which I was not pleased with. I decided I’d keep searching for a different solution to my bulky yet flat hair dilemma, because surely there would be a solution for me out there!

As I browsed the Beauty Route site in search of my new test subject, I found this new flat iron I had never seen before. It’s the GlamPalm Volumizing Flat Iron. I was skeptical at first, I though “volumizing? How can a flat iron really help with this issue?”; as I researched and looked into the item further, I found something extraordinary about this particular flat iron: the hot plates were not flat, they were rounded!

Once I put in the order for the iron and gave it a few shots, I grew to love it. I won't lie it took me a bit of adjusting, but I found that after a few tries the results were phenomenal!

Here is the trick to mastering this tool:

1: Don't try to overdo it.
By this I mean you should not try to create volume by curling the tool or any other technique, let the iron do its thing and let it shine. The blades are made as to eliminate any extra effort on your part to create volume, so let it do its job.

2. Don't start too far down from the root.
As I have mentioned, when I did this I did have a indentation where the iron had been applied, thus I do suggest that when using this iron you try to get as close to the root (while still maintaining a safe distance as to not burn yourself). This will greatly enhance the entire look and prevent indentations, which lets be real, isn’t cute unless it was deliberate.

3. Don't rush it.
Getting the hang of this flat iron takes practice and time. Do not pressure yourself to get it perfect the first time you try it. The important thing is to keep trying and trust me, when you finally figure out what works for you and how to use it, the results will totally be worth the time you put in!

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Your hair guinea pig

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