Spring hairstyles: the comeback season

Spring hairstyles: the comeback season

This spring's hairstyles are under the sign of practicality. This trend is fashionable and very convenient for all of the hard-working ladies out here.

Hair accessories: the major comeback:

It appears that hair accessories are a rising trend right now. If you are looking to give an extra touch of fashion to your look or to have a more practical hairstyle you will fall in love with this new trend.

Hairbands, from sporty to classy:

This old trend is doing a major comeback this season. You can purchase them in all kind of forms. From the classic 70's headbands to the luxury wedding ones, from the thin ones to the XXL ones... This trend is definitely here to stay and we love it ! Practical and chic, meaning no more hair all over your face while enhancing your look. It is the perfect accessory for the ones wanting to adds a little color touch to your outfit.

Girl with diamond hairband

This trend has been noticed at the spring/summer 2019 fashion shows and now it is adopted by everyone, from stars to fashionistas.

the best is that there are for every taste and from a very large range of prices.

Lana Del Rey with a Headband - black and white gif

Lana del Rey was rocking this trend years ago and we can only congratulate her for being miles ahead and for being a fashion visionary !!

Oh baby, hair clips are back!

You were looking for a way to enhance your hairstyle ? Barrettes will become your new best friend! Both stylish and functional It gives the perfect extra vvv to your ponytails (FYI, seen at the Met Gala) as well as to the short hairstyles. The 90's hair clips are making a strong comeback and we love it.

This new trend will make you say "wow", you thought it was forever gone and were not expecting such a major comeback  ?

Barrettes and a scrunchie on back of the hair Blond Girl with a Barrette and a Ponytail

The spring haircuts you will fall in love with:

Spring is the time of the year when you do your annual cleanup, when the snow is finally melting, and when trees grow new buds. You are wondering where I'm going with all this? Well, in conclusion, Spring is the symbol of revival, making it the perfect time time to try a new haircut.

Bangs are more than ever the big go-to this season. This trend is everywhere, from the curly bangs to the curtain bangs, to the baby bangs and to the vvv bangs. No matter what your hair type or face shape is, there is the perfect bang for you, you just need to identify the one that fits you.

Bangs! Got Bangs! gif

Bangs are back and here to stay, we can already see them everywhere. They already took over the fashion week podiums, instagram influencers are already only swearing by it, and stars rock the heck out of it.

Spring transformation presents the Curly bangs:

You have natural curly hair and always wanted bangs but you were always scared of the look it would give you ? Now it THE time to try it.  You do you darling, now is time for some self-acceptance ! Don't waste a minute and book an appointment with your hairdresser.

Zendaya with shoulderlength curly hair and curly bangs

This is your time to shine and be ready to make some head turn. Last piece of advice, don't forget to make sure your stylist knows what he is doing beforehand and preferably, pick a stylist who already worked with your hair before.

Audrey Hepburn cutting her own bangs - black and white gif

The Shorter, The Better:

This year blunt bob, pixies and boyish cuts are grabbing our attention. It seems like all the fashion industry agreed that "the shorter, the better" will be this season's look.

Jennifer Lawrence with a pixie cut - black and white gif

The indecisive choice: The French Chic

This hairstyle is THE perfect hairstyle for those who want a fresh haircut and can't decide whether to get bangs or a bob. This hairstyle is rather a bold move but can be very remarquable.

Kat Graham looking over her shoulder. Her hair is styled in a short bob with bangs and a barrette

Glossy hair, how to avoid dull hair:

The extra glossy hair is back and you will want to adopt it ASAP.  It will make your hair look extra glowy and super healthy. Once again, the key to achieve this look is hair care. You will have to be very careful with what you put in your hair as product build -up and dirt make your hair dull.

You will have to check the ingredients in your hair products and search for any trace of sulfate. What you need is to switch for a highly nourishing gentle shampoo that will close your hair scales.

glossy blonde hair girl

The ultimate trick  is to finish your hair washing routine by a last rinse of vinegar. If the smell is too strong and bothers you, water can be mixed with vinegar to weaken the smell.

Help this guide helped you make a choice for your next haircut !