O Canada! 

Happy belated Canada Day to all our fellow Canadians! In celebration of Canada Day, let's talk about the story behind a Canadian brand of the month, Salon Club.

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Salon Club was launched in 2016 to the North American Hair & Beauty professional market, for Hair & Beauty industry professionals. Stylists knew what the wants and needs of salon and spa professionals were, so they created Salon Club, addressing these needs and wants!

Salon Club is a collection of quality sundries and accessories, ranging from your everyday disposable gloves, to trendy must-haves.

What makes Salon Club so unique is that the team is made up of seasoned Hair & Beauty professionals, including colorists and stylists, who select and test each and every product. Now that's quality.

We assure you you've seen the products that Salon Club offers elsewhere, for double or even triple Salon Club's prices!

We're going to share all our Salon Club favorites so you can get in on the Salon-Club-lovin' as well.



Let the Salon Club appreciation begin!

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Salon Club's Hair Slinky

The hidden gem every woman needs: Salon Club's hair slinky! It's truly something you never thought you needed until you actually have one. This magical slinky holds your hair the way you want it to without creating a crease, like regular hair ties do.

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Not only won't it create a dent in your hair, but it's not tight to the point of a headache (we've all been there), and won't pull out any hair when taking out the slinky. You'll never look back at your old hair-ties after experiencing the hair slinky. Priced at only 3$ for a pack of THREE slinkies, you'll never find a better price for such a quality product!


Salon Club's Freestyle Kit

Salon Club has made voluminous, curly hair super easy to achieve with their one and only, Freestyle Kit! It's so simple to use and the results are unreal. Who knew quality blowouts could be so easy to do at home?

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These brushes are hollow and light and fit snug on your head and come with clips, which makes it easy to let your hair sit while you finish your makeup or sip on some coffee!

Watch YouTube's beauty, Milabu, demonstrate how to use it here!


Salon Club's Mini Paddle Brush

If you read our blog post, "Never Deal With TANGLED Hair Again!", then you already know how important it is to keep a brush or comb in your purse so that you can brush your hair throughout the day! Thanks to this cute, mini paddle brush, you'll be able to travel with it and avoid tangled hair.

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Even Princess Jasmine has the mini gold paddle brush!



You got the history and the must-haves - what are you waiting for?!

All the quality products you've been dying to try out are all available at Salon Club for CHEAPER than anywhere else!

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What's your favorite Salon Club product? Let us know!

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