The Royal Wedding is finally here. The entire world will watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially begin their lives together as His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales and Her Royal Highness Duchess of Sussex. 

OK, back to reality - so maybe not all of us get to marry a Prince, but we can improvise! Who says you need a Prince in order to be a Princess? In our fairy-tale, the only marriage that takes place is between a good hair day and good hair products. Sounds like a happily-ever-after to me!

And maybe a crown also... Too much?


We have the same questions as you - will Meghan wear her hair up? Will she be wearing a tiara? Is she going to wear it down? Wear it half-up, half-down? With curl? Straight? Wavy? In a bun? We need to know! 

Nonetheless, Meghan is no stranger to achieving perfect hairstyles, having  walked several red carpets in her past, being a former actress. Here are some of our Meghan-Markle-hair-favourites and how to recreate them!


The "Sleek and Straight" Look

What You'll Need: TIGI Bed Head After-Party Smoothing CreamY.S. Park YS-132 Extra Long Tail Comb Fine TeethLakme Protective Heat-Styling SprayHT Purple Glam Practitioner Flat IronTIGI Bed Head Hair StickSalon Club 63MM Bobby Pins 

The sleek and straight look will never not be beautiful - it's classy and super simple to achieve. Begin styling after you've washed your hair, so you can then apply TIGI's Bed Head Smoothing Cream before drying. This will help you get the silky, smooth, and shiny looking hair Meghan always has! After you've dried your hair, using the long tail of Y.S. Park's Extra Long Tail Comb, part your hair down the middle. Follow with spraying Lakme's Protective Heat-Styling Spray to protect your hair from the next step: using HT's Purple Glam Practitioner Flat Iron, smooth your hair from roots to ends. To avoid any fly-aways, apply TIGI's Bed Head Hair Stick. Now, tuck your hair behind each ear and secure it with Salon Club's 63MM Bobby Pins (if you have thicker hair, use 2 pins for each side).

So royally simple!


The "Textured Tresses" Look

What You'll Need: Wella EIMI Extra Volume Strong Hold MousseSalon Club FREESTYLE KIT 32MMTIGI Catwalk Texturizing Salt Spray

Apply Wella's EIMI Extra Volume Strong Hold Mousse throughout your hair - you can do this step with dry hair, but avoid applying too much product. Next, part your hair with a deep-part on one side (for more information on hair-parting, click here). Separate your hair into small sections and  use our famous Freestyle Kit by Salon Club to apply rollers to each section (to learn how to use this kit, watch Milabu's demonstration here). Secure the rollers with the clips that come with the kit. Leave your hair in the rollers until your hair has cooled, then slowly take out the rollers and brush through your hair with your fingers. Spray TIGI's Catwalk Texturizing Salt Spray throughout your hair to achieve an effortless, matte finish!

 Princess status: achieved. 


The "Shoulder Waves" Look

What You'll Need: JOICO JOILOTIONY.S. Park YS-132 Extra Long Tail Comb Fine TeethFHI Heat Runway IQ Session Styling Heat Rollers (Large 42mm)CROC Boar BrushSalon Club 63MM Bobby PinsLakme ECOLAK Hairspray

This look will literally transform you into a princess - it's so glamorous. What makes this hairstyle not-so-ordinary compared to other wavy looks, is how all the waves are pushed onto one shoulder. It gives a more sophisticated, yet stylish look! Distribute Joico's JOILOTION evenly throughout your dry hair and then, using the tail of Y.S. Park's Extra Long Tail Comb, part your hair on the side. Activate the heat of FHI's Large Styling Heat Rollers - the sides of the rollers will turn clear once they are heated up and ready for use. Place the rollers in your hair and wait for the sides of the rollers to turn back to a dark-grey color - this means that the rollers are ready to be taken out. With the CROC Boar Brush, smooth out your hair, pulling it over one shoulder. To hold the hair in place, apply as many of Salon Club's 63MM Bobby Pins needed and evenly spray Lakme's ECOLAK Hairspray throughout your hair.

This is one of Meghan's signature looks!


The "Messy Bun" Look

What You'll Need: Lakme ECOLAK HairspraySalon Club 63MM Bobby Pins

This look is definitely the most casual hairstyle out of all the Meghan Markle signature looks - but as you can see, it still works. With very little tools and time required, we recommend you give this style a try! After all, it is princess-approved. Begin by brushing your hair into a low side-ponytail - use Lakme's ECOLAK Hairspray to tame any stray hairs. Divide your ponytail into two sections and begin twisting each section over each other to form a rope braid. Once you've reached your ends, secure the rope braid with a band that matches the colour of your hair. Form a bun by wrapping the rope braid around itself and secure it using Salon Club's 63MM Bobby Pins. For the final touch, pull out a few strands  and leave them loose around your face to soften the look.

From casual to the elegance of a Princess.


The "Elegant Up-Do" Look

What You'll Need: KeraStraight Shark ClipsSchwarzkopf Osis Freeze Finish HairsprayY.S. Park Teasing CombSalon Club 63MM Bobby Pins

This is a very princess-y look - I mean, Cinderella even rocks this look. Everything about this hairstyle is elegant! Although this hairstyle looks tricky to create, it's really not. There's actually a possibility that this could be Meghan's Royal Wedding hairstyle! First, divide the top of your hair from the crown and pull it forward, securing it with KeraStraight's Shark Clips. Then, pull the rest of your hair into a high ponytail and spray it with Schwarzkopf's Osis Freeze Finish Hairspray. Divide the front section in two and split the front and back. Backcomb the back section with Y.S. Park's Teasing Comb to create height and pin it back towards your high ponytail, creating a quiff. Wrap the ponytail loosely around itself and secure it with Salon Club's 63MM Bobby Pins in a bun shape. Drape the front hair-section across your forehead and tuck the ends into the bun, securing it with a grip.

Warning: you will want to wear a tiara with this look.


The "Polished Ponytail" Look

What You'll Need: Wella Care Elements Leave-In ConditionerISO Daily Foam Firm Hold Unisex MousseValera Swiss Silent Professional Ionic Hair DryerHT Practitioner Flat IronSalon Club 63MM Bobby PinsLAKME KSTY. TOP-TEN STYLE-CARE BALM

This hairstyle is great because not only is your hair out of your face, but it's clean and classy - perfect for a Princess! Start off with damp hair, and apply Wella's Care Elements Leave-In Conditioner on your roots and ISO's Daily Firm Hold to your ends. Dry your hair at a cool-temperature setting using Valera's Swiss Silent Professional Ionic Hair Dryer. When your hair is no longer damp, using HT's Practitioner Flat Iron, straighten your hair as you normally would. Once straightened, pull your hair back into a sleek, mid-height ponytail and secure it with a hair band. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to hide the hairband. Secure it with Salon Club's 63MM Bobby Pins. To smooth out the hair and tame the loose baby hairs or fly-aways, apply LAKME's Style-Care Balm.

This look will make you go from commoner to Princess real quick!

You're officially ready for the Royal Wedding!

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Channel your inner Princess!