What's World Emoji Day, you ask? Simple - it's a celebration day of emojis!

In light of World Emoji Day, let's celebrate all redheads...

This is your moment, redheads, because this is the first World Emoji Day that redhead emojis are a part of! Redheads have felt left out over the years, hoping that an emoji of their own would qualify... Well, the wait is officially over.

Just when you thought this day couldn't get any better, we've decided to share some wisdom on how to properly treat and care for your red hair...


 "The lack of a redhead emoji has been the most frequent complaint from users in the past three months!"

- Jeremy Burge, founder of Emojipedia (an emoji website)


It's more than just an emoji, it's a sense of representation. We've come a long way with the emoji evolution! But it's not only redheads that have been feeling left out all this time; there appears to be many hair types missing from our emoji keyboard. It also lacks a curly hair emoji, but rumor has it that it's to be released as one of the new emoji additions.

And don't be surprised if you start seeing some bald emojis in your group chat, too.

Emojis are taking steps in the right direction by releasing the redhead emoji, and we love it - high-five, Apple. 



So, You Have Your Emoji - Now What?

You embrace those red locks, and we'll tell you how to do just that!

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Having natural red hair is a blessing, but also a bit challenging - red hair requires more care than brunette or blonde hair does. The red-fiery color needs to be preserved since it tends to fade in the sun, or even over time. Red hair is naturally dryer than other hair types, therefore it's important to acknowledge this while maintaining your hair. Here are some daily care tips for you, redheaded ladies...


Hello Moisture, Goodbye Frequent Shampooing

Your red hair needs some moisture - not a lot - a small amount can go a long way. You can add moisture to your hair by simply reducing the amount of times you shampoo your hair, to about once every 3 days, and use conditioner after shampooing. Once a week, follow through with a conditioning treatment using Lakme's Ultra Copper Treatment! This daily-care-step is key because this treatment in particular will give your hair the high moisturizing power it needs! Amino acids are absorbed deep into the hair fiber restoring optimum moisture levels - need I say more?


Red, Red, Red... And More Red

The most important aspect of red hair care is taking care of the red color. It's important simply because of how vulnerable it is to its surrounding environment, like UV rays. Too much exposure to radiation and sunlight can result in the red color to fade - yikes! Another way you can prevent your hair color from fading is by using Lakme's Color Stay Treatment, Shampoo, and Conditioner.

It's advised that redheads invest in quality products, like these, that will protect their hair from any possible future damage. 


(Dye)cisions, Decisions...

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To dye, or not to dye? This is a very common question redheads ask themselves, since many believe that with dyeing their hair, their natural red hair color will be lost forever. This is false.  It's perfectly possible to get your color back after dyeing it, but it is easier to get the red back in your hair after dyeing it a lighter color. Remember that taking the red out of a natural redhead is impossible so don't worry about losing your natural red color!


Time For You To Go Au Naturel

Being a redhead means you are part of the 3% of the world's population with natural red hair, which means you better enhance your red hair and flaunt it! You can easily do so from home with little help from cranberry juice - yes, you read that correctly, low-heat styling, and some gloss.

Cranberry Juice: Pour it on to your hair, then take a shower cap and cover your hair for 15 to 20 minutes. Voilà - the natural color of your hair will be vibrant and enhanced!

Low-Heat Styling: I'm sure this isn't the first time you were told to avoid heat styling as much as possible. It dries out the strands, creates split ends, and makes you hair look unhealthy. This results in making it more vulnerable to losing color. If your dryer and flat iron are a must, then try to use the lowest heat setting possible.

Gloss Color Rinse: Lakme's Gloss Color Rinse intensifies your natural color with luminous highlights! With over 53 shades to choose from, it restores shine and protects the capillary fiber while treating the hair gently. Don't miss out on softer, more flexible and shiny hair! It's also only $8.35, in other words, sold.


There's NO Stopping You Now!

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Redheads, in fact, DO have all the fun! Sorry, blondes. You have the products, the hair care tips, AND the emoji! It's redheads' time to shine - with shiny red hair - and spam the world with redhead emojis.

Comment you favorite redhead emoji and product below!