Are you always in a rush in the mornings and wish you had a more time- efficient way of straightening your hair?

Well, meet the iconic Heated Paddle Ceramic Brush by Verdict. 

Its nano ceramic barrel ensures that minimal damage is done to the hair. From various heating settings available, ranging from 350 to 450 ◦ F, you can easily adjust the settings for quick styling.

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Alternatively, you can also give Avanti's Wet-to-Dry straightener a try.  It heats up to an impressive 450  ◦ F setting  with its nano-titanium coated plate.

Specially made for styling damp hair,  its plates are designed with ventilation channels that allow for steam to be immediately released at first contact.

Comes with digital technology that turns off device after a 1 hour inactivity; so  rest assured that even if you forget it on, your straightening iron won't pose a fire hazard.

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This one's for you ladies who are tired of  stepping out of the house with freshly done hair just to realize a few minutes later that it's already static.  We have all been through it, whether it's in the summer months, when air humidity is through the roof, or in the colder months, when air moisture is very low.


Whatever the weather, this ionized straightener will emit negative ions, cancelling out the positive ones present in your hair causing the static. To select this option, simply press the "Ion on" button and a green light will start flashing; you're all set, so style away !

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If straight hair isn't what you're looking for, we've got a great product for you to try: the Ceramic Hot Rollers set from BabylissPro.

They make for a very practical and fast styling tool: in 75 seconds they are  evenly heated. In addition, they have rubber ends ,making it easier to maneuver them.


To keep your rollers heated for even longer, keep the lid closed, and for your added convenience, they already come with their own set of 12 clips!

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Finally, one sure way to cut down on  your morning routine is to have a detangling comb. As simple as it may sound, they go a long way in turning prep work a lot easier and faster. In turn, this gives you  extra precious minutes to style your hair and have more time to look  put together.

Pegasus detangling brush is great and inexpensive. We recommend it for anyone just looking for a standard comb that won't break overtime with chemicals and heat usage. 

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We hope that with these tools in hand you'll have a slightly less stressful time getting ready in the mornings...

Let us know in the comments which hair styling tool is your favorite!