Wake up looking #Flawless

I'm sure you've already heard of or even jumped on the bandwagon for the overnight oat trend for back to school breakfasts... But what about your hair? No heat overnight curls are about to become your new favorite thing!

This no heat style will not only protect your strands from damage caused by heating tools, but it will also cut back on your hair time in the morning. Forget about those mornings waking up with messy hair, with these methods you can truthfully say that you woke up looking fabulous!

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Waking up early for school is no fun task. And for many of us, there is simply not enough time to curl our hair every morning. Unless waking up at 4 or 5 am is an option.

But I'm about to make your mornings a whole lot smoother, so that you can still have an A+ hairstyle, without sacrificing your time!

Here are the top 3 easiest no heat hairstyles you can sleep on overnight


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The most basic way to get cute curls is to braid your hair before bed. The trick is to have your hair damp before you start braiding. After either taking a shower or spritzing some water on your hair, also spray some texture spray on to the damp hair to really create movement. The texture spray can also be used in the morning once you take out the braids!

We recommend Wella's professional  ocean spritz spray which has a light hold, zero crunch and matte finish.

Two regular braids will give you a major beach inspired look. However, if you can do french or dutch braids instead, the waves will start higher up and be dispersed more evenly. This can create a more natural look. 

2. Buns

Buns can also be a great way to achieve those more loose, traditional curls. Depending how big you like your curls, there are 2 popular methods. The donut or Princess Leia look.

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The donut method: For a more comfortable sleep, a high donut bun is the perfect solution. If you have short hair, you'll have an easier time rolling the donut sponge from the ends of your high ponytail to the top of your head. However, for longer hair, I suggest the wrap around method instead. For this method you can follow these simple steps:

1.Tie your hair in a high ponytail and dampen the ends with water

2.Place the donut maker through the ponytail so it sits flat on your head

3.Spread you hair so it covers the entire surface of the donut maker(there will be hair in front of your face) then secure it with an elastic

4.Twist the remainder of your hair and wrap it around the base of the donut maker.

5.Go to sleep and wake up with pretty curls!

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For extra hold, you can use a hairspray to spritz your curls after you wake up. Lakme's hard xtreme hold spray is long lasting and will keep your hair looking perfect through all your classes. It works on all hair types and has a fresh woody scent that's not too overpowering for school.

The princess Leia method: For smaller curls, you could be a princess for the night and create 2 buns on each side of your head like princess Leia. You might not be commanding any rebel bases, but you can still slay your day with killer curls. Again, with damp hair split it into 2 sections and twist each one to create 2 space buns.

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3. Headband

The last method I'll be sharing today requires a headband, preferable a fairly thick one with no metal closure.

Once you spray your hair with water, place the headband around your head and start twisting 1 inch sections of hair. Once the hair is twisted, you're going to have to wrap those sections around the headband by weaving the hair in and out around the headband. Repeat these steps until all your hair is tucked into the headband.

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To enhance these curls, you could use a hair wax before you style it to ensure curls that hold their shape. Bed Head by TIGI Manipulator Matte Texturising Wax uses beeswax for extra texture and hold.

Get ready to receive major compliments on these heatless curls! We hope this saves you some time so that you can ace this semester while still looking fabulous.