New year, New Me?

I'm sure we're all a little bit tired of this overused saying. I mean New Year's resolutions only really last about the first month, right?

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That being said, the New Year is the perfect excuse to change up your hair and try out a new style. If you're not ready to commit to bangs, getting a shorter style or dying your hair lighter or darker, don't worry! We've researched some noncommittal ways to start 2019!

New Hair who this?

1.Fake bob

A fake bob is the perfect style if you're not ready to give up your long locks and commit to a full on shorter style. Chopping off your hair can be a scary task, so take a test run by rocking a fake bob for a week. If you're aiming for a messy bob, use a texture spray to capitalize on the uneven placement and hide any imperfections.

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Try the Wella professionals Eimi ocean spritz spray which will give you the perfect beach hair vibe. This sea salt spray gives a light hold while adding the desired texture, definition and a matte look. It's also nice and lightweight, so your hair shouldn't feel crunchy or restricted.


2.Change up your hair part

A different hair part can really affect your entire look. Although certain hair parts are more flattering on certain face types, it doesn't hurt to try out something new. You can go for a straight line center part, a complete side part or even a slight off centered hair part. Parting your hair is such an easy thing to change, so even if you don't like it it will only take you about 2 seconds to change it again.

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If you're having a difficult time keeping the hair on it's new parted side, you might need to use some hairspray to keep it in place. The LAKME K.Style Pliable Natural Hold Spray is a great option since it reduces static and gives your hair a natural and movable look.

LAKME K.Style Pliable Natural Hold Spray 300 ml


Rather than committing to a color or damaging your hair with a dye, try getting a gloss. It adds a lot of shine and can fade after 3 washes depending on which brand you get. The LAKME gloss is great because it's a gentle demi-permanent shade. It easily goes over your current hair color and doesn't contain any ammonia. This line also contains 53 shades so you're bound to find a new look to try out!

LAKME Gloss Color Rinse


Extensions are another great way to change your look without making a drastic commitment. Extensions can create additional length, volume or even add an ombre or a highlight effect. If you only want extensions for special occasions or a temporary change, we suggest clip in ones since they are the least damaging and can be put on or taken off by yourself at home. The Hair Treats 7 piece pack is great since it's made with real human hair and contains enough pieces to fill up your entire head.


5. Bangs

If you want a real change, go for bangs this new year! Although you might think that bangs are juvenile, you can create really playful and sultry looks depending on the length and how you style them. Long wispy bangs or some side swept ones are a great way to ease into this new style without having to cut them too short. However, if you're too scared to commit to such a big change, you can also get clip in bangs for an instant non-permanent change.

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6. Play with hair accessories

For those who want a fun change but really don't want to cut or color their hair, accessories are a fun option. Hairstyles such as buns and ponytails with silk scarves, pearl headbands or bobby pin patterned styles can add a fun flare. Try adding some glittery accessories for the holiday season or  bright or pastel colors for the spring. You can really have fun with hair accessories and try new looks everyday!

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Hope you have a great New Year Beauty Route babes! Whether you want to try a bob, bangs, new color or a fun hair accessory, may 2019 be your best hair year yet.