How To Get A Mustache Like HENRY CAVILL!

How To Get A Mustache Like HENRY CAVILL!

Mustaches are in... And we're here for it.

Men, it's time to retire your razor and let the 'stache do its thing. And when it comes to mustache-inspo, Henry Cavill is your man.

We can't be the only ones obsessed with Henry Cavill's mustache.

He went from the clean, good-boy Superman look to Mission: Impossible 6's irresistible, bad-boy look - and we can't get enough.

We know what you're thinking: how does one get the Henry Cavill 'stache and maintain it? Read more to find out...

Alright men, listen up.

It's time to get you from here...

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We're here to help you follow Henry Cavill's footsteps...

To help you get your very own Henry-Cavill-'Stache! A mustache can definitely help with changing up your look, so if you've been craving some sort of change - mustache it up! But before you get too excited, it's important to know that mustaches come in all shapes and sizes. You want to make sure that you pick the style that best suits your face dimensions.

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You should grow a fuller 'stache if you have a fuller face, or a prominent nose. Whereas, if you have a narrow face, maybe stay clear from growing a wide mustache; this can look off and out of place. For longer face types, we recommend that you groom your mustache into a thin strip, while giving it elevation in the middle, with tapered ends; this will help flatten the "long" face.

Now Do Nothing!

You need to let the 'satche GROW, which means don't touch it.

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We know it can be a little tough throughout this stage, but you need to push through and trust the process. The mustache growing journey officially begins the day you stop shaving. According to mustache-experts, it's suggested that you withhold shaving your ENTIRE face during the growing phase - that way you can have the hair above your lip blend in with the stubble around your chin.

How To Conquer The Itch

Warning: You will itch. Related image

You need to stay strong! The reason behind this is that facial hair is much thicker and coarser than the hair on your head, which will cause you to itch. There are ways to soften your new facial hair; once a day work a beard oil (like Barberstation's Devil Water) through your facial hair with your hands.

You will instantly feel a difference and if nottry a beard balm (like Barberstation's Beard Balm).

This beard balm is made to soothe your skin, preventing redness and breakouts to occur! 

Style Away!

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Congratulations! You've reached the point where you have enough hair to begin styling and shaping your mustache! We strongly recommend to start by taking yourself to the barber for its first trim. It's easy from here on out; you can easily maintain your 'stache from home with the help of a beard trimmer, like WAHL's 5-Star Legend Clipper. Remember to simply follow the lines to keep the 'satche looking clean.

If you have fast-growing hair, mustache maintenance may require more effort from you, but that's alright - just think, "what would Henry do?". The answer would be to take any comb and comb your mustache hairs straight down, then trim any hairs that come over your lip line! If you don't trust yourself with this process, allow your barber to do the touch-ups. 

Stud VS. Homeless

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Having a mustache may make you feel some type of way, but don't get too carried away with the facial hair growth. It's exciting, we know, but you MUST keep it clean at all times because there's a fine line between the bad-boy, Henry Cavill mustache and a messy, dirty, and untamed mustache. Not to mention, mustaches can become physically dirty!

With more hair, comes more responsibility so you should give your 'stache a good scrubbing at least twice a week. 

Give Barberstation's Beard Shampoo a try!

The 'Henry Cavill' Finishing Touch

How does Henry Cavill's 'stache always look spankin' perfect? POMADE - but not a lot!

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It's simple; you grew the facial hair, you chose the shape of your mustache, you styled and shaped it, and now it's time to get to know a key product. To apply pomade to your 'stache, with a small amount of product, rub it between your forefinger and thumb until soft. Using both fingers, spread the pomade from center out toward the edges.

Give Barberstation's Pomade a go - it will become your new favorite product!

Channel Your Inner Henry Cavill & ROCK THE 'STACHE

With these tips and products, you'll be looking like Henry Cavill in no time - you'll have the mustache, the swagger, the confidence, and all the attention. 

And don't forget your cape...

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How is your mustache-growing journey? Let us know!

XOXO, Chiara