It’s about that time again, the time of year to show our mom just how much she means to us. But, year after year the struggle is real trying to find her the PERFECT gift to express that… and the truth is she will be happy no matter what it is you give her.

Alas, we also threw together a bundle you can get her as a little something special this year to make her feel like the Queen that she is!

The Salon Club Freestyle Kit

These magnetic roller brush kits are being seen everywhere lately, and for a good cause. These are the perfect gift for moms everywhere, now they can flawlessly create blowout looks on their own, and they’re super easy to use.

You can even show her some YouTube videos showing how to use them in case she isn’t convinced! (we love Monique Parent’s video here)


Bean Body Coco Berry

We love an exfoliated queen! This one is for the coffee loving moms out there - or for that matter, ANY mom! This is a lovely coffee scrub that will simultaneously pamper and caffeinate your mom this Mother’s Day!

What a better way to start (or finish) the day with a relaxing scrub? And the best part - this stuff is all organic and free from animal testing!


K.Therapy Bioargan Hydrating Pack

Lakme is a game changer - and so is their BioArgan line. I personally noticed a huge difference in my hair once I switched over to this line, my hair texture has completely changed. My hair is now soft and frizz-free, and not to mention these products just smell amazing.

This pack is the ultimate essential introduction kit to Lakme products and for renewing your hair with a pampering trio of the Lakme BioArgan Oil, Mask, and Shampoo.


Verdict's Professional Heated Ceramic Paddle Brush

OK, this is the real life-changing product your mom (and even YOU) have been waiting for: have you ever brushed your hair AND straightened it at the same time? Verdict's one and only Professional Heated Paddle Brush will deliver you straight hair with a shiny, silky and smooth finish all through a simple brush stroke!

Show your mom just how much you love her on Mother's Day with this brilliant 2-in-1 brush - I mean, what's not to love about it? It's simple to use, it heats up quickly, and the results are gorgeous!

Want proof? Watch Monique Parent transform her hair using the Professional Heated Paddle Brush, here!



Give your mom the gift of fabulous hair! (she’ll be thankful for it - trust me on this one)



Happy Mother’s Day Shopping, go and make your mom feel like Queen!