Taking the time to curl your hair requires a certain amount of effort, so don't you want it to hold all day?

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Having beautiful curls is part of almost every girl's dream. However having curls that actually last more than a couple hours is even better! To help you make the most of your curled hair, we'll be sharing tips and tricks that will help make the curls last all day and night long.

There's nothing more annoying than spending an hour curling your hair, just for it to fall flat within the next couple of hours. In order to make the most of your curling efforts, we have some tips to save that falling curl!

1. Second or Third day Hair!

The first tip is to curl your hair on second or third day hair. It's important not to wash your hair right before since curls hold better on dirtier hair. When your hair isn't super fresh, there is more natural oil which gives the hair a grittier texture to hold the curl. That being said, if you think the scalp is too oily, use a bit of dry shampoo to soak up the oil.

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2. Prep your hair with mousse

Before curling your hair, prepping it with a mousse will help the curl keep its shape. An alcohol base mousse is also preferable since the alcohol removes part of the moisture from your hair. This in turn creates a better texture that will allow the hair to keep its curl. LAKME's K.Style Natural Boost Flexible Mousse will give your hair the extra hold while also still looking natural.

LAKME K.Style Natural Boost Flexible Mousse 300 ml

3. Skip the conditioner

Although conditioner is a very essential part of your hair care routine, if your looking to curl your hair within the next few days skip on it. Conditioner is made to hydrate your hair and therefore it can make the hair too silky and slippery. For the longest lasting curls, you want your hair to have more grit and texture.

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4. Invest in quality hair tools

To get the best curls with the least amount of hair damage, you need to invest in good hot hair tools. Although they are more expensive, high-end, salon quality irons are better for your hair health. They are usually coated in tourmaline or ceramic which have been proven to cause less damage than metal ones from the drug store. They heat up better and you'll have to keep the heat on your hair for shorter periods of time.

The Verdict V-3X1 Professional Curling Iron - Triple Barrel Ceramic is a great option. This professional grade curling iron set comes with 3 interchangeable barrel sizes so that you can create multiple different looks. This curler is also coated with  tourmaline ceramic for optimal heating.

Verdict V-3X1 Professional Curling Iron - Triple Barrel Ceramic

5. Find the right barrel size

Speaking of barrel sizes, it is so important to use the right size. Many people are under the impression that a bigger barrel size will give more volume. However if you want the curls to last longer, a smaller barrel such as a 1" or 1.5" will create tighter curls that will fall into looser ones throughout the day.

So after you finish curling your hair, don't brush them out completely. Leave the curls a bit tighter than the look you want to achieve because they will loose their shape throughout the day. this tip will allow you to take advantage of the curls for longer.

6. Hairspray

To help your curls stay in shape, use hairspray before and after curling. Using the hairspray before will give the hair a bit of a rougher texture to help hold the curl. Also ensure the hairspray is far enough away from your hair so that the the hair doesn't become too crunchy and weighed down by the spray.

Try the CHI Miss Universe Work Your Style Flexible Hair Spray. It is perfect for curling as it provides the hair with texture, control and movement while also protecting  against moisture to create a silky shine.

CHI Miss Universe Work Your Style Flexible Hair Spray

7. Let your curls cool down!

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If you really want your curls to hold longer, you need to let them set. After you have curled a section of your hair, keep the curl in its shape and pin it to your head until the hair is cool. This allows the curl to keep it's form. When you let it fall when its still warm, the curl drops and loses its bounce. But once the hair is room temperature, it will have an easier time staying in place.

8. Texture spray

Even after you use hairspray, finishing off with a texture spray can keep the curls lasting longer. It provides more volume and texture without weighing the curl down. They are often lighter than hairsprays and give the hair a full body look.

The Joico Wax Spray Dry Texture Boost Hold is a great finishing spray. It provides extra texture through a vaporized wax dry finish. That being said, the hair is still touchable after application and works well for casual styles.

Joico Wax Spray Dry Texture Boost Hold 2 125ml

So there you go! Using these tips, your curls should last all day long. Let us know if you have any other tricks to make your curls  even longer.