A hot new trend we’ve been seeing a lot lately is the Salon Club Freestyle Kit

In this week’s Influencer Corner Series, Youtuber Simone Sharice explains to us how these brushes work and how to create the perfect blowout with them!




  • 9 Detachable Brush Heads in either 25mm, 32mm, or 43mm (Simone used 32mm for this look)
  • 1 Magnetic Brush Handle that clicks into the brush heads
  • 9 Clips to hold the brush in place to set curls



Step 1: Brush out tangles


Step 2: Use a rat tail comb to part hair


(Optional) Apply blowout lotion or any smoothing product to make the hair easier to work with.


Step 3: Lay hair flat against brush and point hair dryer downwards to smooth down the hair, curling at the ends.


Step 4: Roll the hair up in the brush once dry and secure with clip.



Step 5: Finish doing all sections and wait for hair to set. At this point you can read a book or finish getting ready and doing your makeup.


Step 6: Once the hair is set, remove the round brushes from the hair and lightly mist hairspray throughout the hair.




These brushes seriously give effortless body and volume to the hair, and it's the perfect look for Valentine’s Day! 


If you liked this video be sure to check out Milabu.co’s instagram video which shows how to use them on shorter hair.


Until next time,


Kiana F.