Do you ever notice that your hair gets frizzier during the Winter months?

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Frizzy hair stems from a lack of moisture in the hair strands. This is why the hair naturally becomes frizzier during the winter months as the air is more dry and less humid. This causes hair to become brittle and often "puff up." However if the puffy hair look isn't for you, we'll be explaining different things you can do to tame the frizz this colder season!

Taming frizzy hair:

The most important thing to remember when caring for your hair in Winter is HYDRATION! Your hair needs more moisture than ever, so try to find products that are specifically made to rehydrate the hair.

1. Condition, condition, condition!

There are 2 rules that you should definitely follow regarding conditioner during  the Winter. The first rule is to always condition!  This means that every time you wash your hair, don't forget to also condition the strands. The second rule is to use conditioner without shampoo about twice a week.

Since the hair lacks hydration, conditioning the hair often will help to restore the moisture. Using conditioner alone on days you don't shampoo will also help to balance the ph level and  and maintain the moisture levels. To avoid a greasy scalp, make sure only condition mid length towards the ends.

Also look for conditioners that have shea, oils or glycerin. The CHI optimum moisture conditioner is perfect since it's formulated with a blend of olive oil and monoi oil. It will definitely restore hydration in damaged hair.

2. Hair mask

Hair masks are also an essential step in your Winter hair care routine. Using a mask once a week will help to seal the cuticle so it doesn't open and release moisture. Try masks that have shea, coconut oil or castor oil to promote hydration.

The Joico K-Pak Moisture Intense Hydrator for Dry and Damaged Hair is a great mask. It's an incredibly nourishing treatment, that is specifically made to help with frizzy and dry locks.This mask is best used after shampooing and should be left on the hair for 5 minutes before rinsing. This will give your hair shiny results!

Joico K-Pak Moisture Intense Hydrator for Dry and Damaged Hair (8.5 Oz) 9 Fluid Ounces

This treatment restocks Amino Acids and Silicone which seals the cuticle and delivers intense shine. It also incorporates Shea Butter to replace lost lipids.

Coconut oil by itself can also be effective. If you have pure and organic coconut oil, you can leave it as a mask overnight. Or like other hair oils, you can rub a pea sized amount into the ends of your hair to tame flyaways.

3. Mascara wand and hairspray

Another way to tame your frizz is use an alcohol-free hairspray and a clean mascara wand. After spraying your hair, use a mascara want to help smooth the flyaway hairs to make it appear frizz-free! Just make sure you use a new mascara wand.

4. Air dry 90%

Like most of us know, using heat on your hair can cause a lot of damage and dries out the hair. To help minimise this, let 90% of your hair air dry and then go in with a blow dryer to finish it off.  This will cause less damage and less frizz. Another tip is to use a hairdryer with the diffuser attachment at the end. This will limit the hair's exposure to the heat. Using a lower heat setting will also reduce drying out the hair and the unwanted frizz.

A good hair dryer is the CHI Pro Ceramic Hair Dryer! It has a tapered nozzle and produces moist heat. This reduces frizz and static electricity which is what you want during the winter months.


5. Oil

As mentioned before, hair oil is so beneficial and necessary in colder weather. The Lakme bioargan oil is a quick fix for anyone with dry hair. It will give you  immediate results of softer and shinier hair when a few drops are brushed into the ends. The oil helps to prevent hair breakage while also repairing split ends. Since the oil reduces hair dryness, it is  the perfect product to tame frizz and prevent hair static.

With these tips, you should be able to minimise the frizz this winter season! Just remember that hydration is key, so look for products that will help restore the moisture.