Lazy Day Hairstyles

Lazy Day Hairstyles

Whether you're pressed for time or are just feeling blah, some days are made for being a little bit lazy

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On these days when you just don't feel like doing anything, but still want to look cute, we have some hairstyles that are perfect for you! These styles take under 10 minutes and require little effort on your part. However you'll still be looking as stylish as ever.

Lazy Girl Hairstyles

1.Donut bun

Getting the perfect messy bun can be quite the challenge. I know I've spent a good 20 minutes in front of a mirror trying to master that effortless top knot. But a quick and easy way to achieve a gorgeous bun when you don't feel like trying is using a donut maker! These are seriously a life saver! They make cute buns every time, and take under 5 minutes. There are different ways you can use a donut bun maker to get different results such as wrapping it around, rolling it up or twisting and pinning it.

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Another way to look like you put effort into your look is to wear a headband. These are the perfect accessory as they can match any outfit and make you look that much more put together. You can get so creative with this look too, from edgy styles, feminine lace, jewels, biker chic or high end couture! This headband look can also be achieved by using s small scarf or any other cool patterned fabric you might have in your home.

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Another super quick hairstyle is the ponytail. Again there are so many variations, so you can get as creative as you want.  However if you want a quick no hassle look, wrap a portion of your hair over the elastic. Whether you do a high or low ponytail, this wrap around detail will pull this simple look together. So whether you're running out the door or too tired to step out of your house, this look takes two minutes.

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4.low bun

If your not into a donut top knot that we showed before, a low bun can look just as chic! The trick to making this hairstyle look polished rather than sloppy is to aim for a sleek low bun. This works well with second or third day hair. All you need to do if part your hair with  a straight line either down the middle or to one side. Then you can twist your hair into a tight bun and use some hairspray or gel to tame any flyaway hair pieces.

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To get that sleek look, try the Lakme cool texture putty! This paste will help to hold your style and keep the flyaways down. It has a subtle matte effect and will help to control your hair so that it looks very clean and polished.

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If you want curled hair, but don't have time or are too lazy to curl your whole head, we have the solution for you! A great way to curl your hair and save time is to first, tie your hair in a high ponytail. After the pony tail is sitting on the top of your head, you can curl sections of the ponytail. It takes under 10 minutes and gives a soft curled appearance.

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A great curling iron option is the Hot Tools 1" Tapered Curling Iron. It's cone shaped wand will allow you to create natural looking curls that are looser at the top and tighter at the bottom.  It also heats up fast so that you can be done with your hair quicker.

Hot Tools 1" Tapered Curling Iron - Medium


Okay, so this last hairstyle is either very easy for some people, and difficult for others. I tend to Dutch or French braid my hair on lazy days or for working out, so I thought I'd include this style too. Having two braids is a really great way to get your hair out of your face, and if you know how to French braid then your hairstyle literally won't fall out of place.

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These quick no-frill hairstyles are perfect for days you want to look like you tried, but are just too tired to do any intricate style. These are also great styles to  lounge around the house in or go do errands.

xoxo, Leah