How do I describe myself in 3 words? Beauty Products Junkie.

You name it, I've tried it. 

Working in an environment, such as Beauty Route, where all luxurious hair products are so easily accessible, you better believe I made it my mission to try out every. Single. One.

Because of my longtime passion for everything beauty, and my personal experience with some of our best products, I like to believe that I've established a high-level of credibility.

So believe me when I say that Lakme's Lak-2 Leave-In Conditioner is among our bestsellers for a reason, because...

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When I first started working here,

I was eager to refine my knowledge of the hair beauty industry, and to learn about our many products. During my first few days at Beauty Route, I spent all my time reading up on all of our products... Which turned out to be more of a window-shopping experience for me. 

My hair is long; it air dries wavy but I usually style it straight using my Ionthority blow dryer and Practitioner flat iron. To give you an idea, my hair would be pretty curly if it were cut to my shoulders - but because my hair is long, it weighs down my natural curls to awkward, frizzy waves. 

I knew that my first purchase as an employee had to include some sort of remedy for this... Because I was not about to pull a 'Monica'.

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Lakme's Lak-2 Conditioner: What Is It?

L2 is a leave-in conditioner that instantly disentangles the hair and enhances its shine while protecting and preserving the hair fiber from external aggression. The heavenly blend of a protein derivative and a cationic active ingredient specifically targets the most sensitive areas to bring on hair that is straighter, shinier, softer, and easier to comb.


Does It Live Up To The Hype?

One word: YES.

When I first started at Beauty Route, Lakme's Lak-2 Conditioner was the most talked about product in the office; everyone told me I had to get it. Once I realized that this was probably the only product that EVERYONE swore by, I decided to seriously look into what made this leave-in conditioner so great. Then, something happened: KGMTL posted an Instagram story of her using our very own L2!

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Now, for those of you who aren't familiar with KGTML, you should know that she never promotes a product she doesn't believe in. She's refused to promote certain products in the past because either their ingredients are not organic or are unhealthy. She also openly admits to not liking a product if she genuinely does not like it. KGMTL is among the very few transparent influencers out there, which makes me trust her opinions on hair and beauty products.

Once I realized that Lakme's Lak-2 was favored in the Beauty Route office and now even by KGMTL, I knew I HAD to join in on the L2 fun. And I am SO glad I did.


My Results

Since I began working here, I started to change up my shampoo schedule; I used to wash my hair every second day, but now my hair usually lasts three to five days without a wash! This was unheard of four months ago. My hair used to get greasy very easily, which is why my instinct was to stay away from applying additional product after washing.

Boy, was I wrong. After my first application of L2, I instantly noticed a difference; my hair was shinier, was straighter, was less frizzy, and was softer!

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Since I began using L2, I realized that heat-styling wasn't required as often in a given week. Heat-styling was reduced by half - if not more, because L2 allowed for my hair to air dry nicely. I was able to space out my washes, and still have clean, fresh looking hair.

I have religiously used L2 for the past four months and I seriously wouldn't have it any other way; I apply it to towel-dried hair and brush my hair with my Y.S. Park's Tortoise Vent Brush. My hair now naturally dries with a shine I thought was only possible to achieve using my ionic hair dryer!


To sum up, Lak-2 has me feeling like this:

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Why You Should Try L2

Lakme's Lak-2 is really great for all hair types; if it managed to remain as everyone's favorite product in the office, it's safe to say so. I wasn't someone who used leave-in conditioners before L2, and now I don't know how I managed without it! Being a beauty products junkie, I try many products in a short span of time, therefore I get tired of products very easily. Four months of using Lak-2 after every shower and I still can't get enough of this product - that should tell you something.

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Wash your hair. Shake the L2 bottle. Spray, spray, spray. And comb your way to hair bliss.


L2 makes your hair dreams come true - seriously. After all this time, and all the Beauty Route products I've tried, Lak-2 has always remained as my #1 pick. 

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Do your hair a favor and get your L2 today!