How The IONIC Hair Dryer Changed My Life!

How The IONIC Hair Dryer Changed My Life!

It's no coincidence that the words ionic and iconic are so similar... The ionic hair dryer is, in fact, iconic!

Let me make one thing very clear: ionic hair dryers live up to the hype. Investing in an ionic hair dryer has been the best hair-decision I've made in a long time - and it could be yours too!

You're probably wondering, "what's the big deal? My 30$ hair dryer works just fine" - allow me to break it all down. You can thank me later.


What does "ionic" even mean?

Here's some hair-science for you: an ion is a charged component that a chemical can be broken down into, that can have a negative or positive charge. Your hair contains both negatively charged areas and positively charged areas, which assists in making hair care products work better. The water in wet hair is positive; according to Edward Borish, Ph.D., a chemist in Columbus, Ohio, ionic dryers that emit negative ions create globs of H2O molecules that divide into smaller particles and evaporate faster.  In other words, drying your hair with an ionic dryer results in less hair-frying time. 


What are the benefits from using an ionic dryer?

Your hair will dry faster due to the size of water molecules getting reduced. The science behind this being, these smaller molecules can easily penetrate hair, and excess water evaporates more quickly. Another benefit is that your hair will be left smooth and not frizzy since the drying process doesn’t take as long and more water goes into the hair shaft. The hair is dried but left moisturized, whereas typical hair dryers leave your hair dried out and frizzy. Other than decreased drying time and smoother hair, benefits also include: less heat damage, shinier hair, comfortable use, and durability - the lifespan of an ionic hair dryer is significantly longer than your standard 30$ hair dryer, therefore, worth the investment.

I can confirm, based on personal experience, that the benefits mentioned above are all true. With an ionic hair dryer, I have been able to blow dry my hair much quicker and look like I just finished using a flat iron; that's how smooth my hair looks after an ionic blow-dry.



What are the results from using an ionic hair dryer if I have...

Thick hair? Ionic hair dryers were practically made for thick hair because of the quick dry time! The best ionic dryers include ionic settings to meet your drying and styling needs. For example, the turbo ionic switch is suitable for thick and coarse hair since it offers faster drying and frizz reduction.

Frizzy hair? An ionic hair dryer is SO ideal for reducing frizz! The moisture is locked in and the cuticle is closed, making the hair more resistant to frizz.

Flyaway hair? The ionic hair dryer seals the cuticle to give you silky, soft hair, free of flyaways.

Long hair?  I know the struggle - as someone with long hair, I understand how long it takes to blow dry hair using regular hair dryers. Ever since I purchased an ionic hair dryer, I've noticed a huge decrease in drying time.

Curly hair? The ionic blow dryer is highly suitable for curly hair because it helps with locking in the moisture and with achieving silky, frizz-free curls.

Fine hair? Negative ion technology is beneficial, as this technology works to reduce static electricity that make your strands lie flat. An ionic hair dryer is the best way to achieve volume if you have fine and sensitive hair. BUT, make sure that the ionic dryer you select has a 'cool air' option, since it will allow your hair to lock in the volume, making your hairstyle last all day!


OK, I'm sold... Now what?

Not to worry - I'm going to share with you all you need to know about Beauty Route's top Ionic Hair Dryers!

Hair Treats' Ionthority

I'm going to begin with the ionic hair dryer that I personally purchased: Hair Treat's Ionthority - oh. My. Goodness. This dryer is truly amazing. I feel so professional using this dryer on myself; my favorite aspect of the dryer is how there are two ways you can hold it: using the regular handle, or, because of the heat resistant dual housing design, you can hold the dryer by its barrel. This is super useful when you have the concentration nozzle attached; I've been using this technique with the nozzle while using Hair Treats' Thermastyle Ceramic Round Brush (43 mm), achieving the most perfect and shiniest blowouts. 

This professional hair dryer has a positive ion switch and a negative ion switch, allowing you to choose from a voluminous blow-dry or a straight blow-dry. It also has 2 speed settings and 3 heat settings! It's really the best dryer I have ever had - I actually look forward to drying my hair now! 


Valera's Swiss Silent Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

This is really a five-star blow dryer - it has it all! It has Korean Titanium Plates that are ultra-smooth and scratch resistant, electronic temperature control that can go up to 230°C (450°F), a 360° tangle-free cord, ergonomic handles and a universal voltage of 100-240V. As it says in the name of this ionic dryer, it's silent, which basically means you no longer have to pause your getting-ready music while blow drying your hair!

Feedback for this dryer has been pure satisfaction! But I am aware of the price, so let me help you out by sharing my thought process: aside from all the hair benefits you will experience using an ionic dryer, by purchasing one NOW only means that you will save yourself money later. If you keep resorting to cheap dryers, not only will your hair suffer, but their lifespans are shorter than that of the ionic dryers, therefore you will end up paying the amount of an ionic dryer in replacing the cheap dryers. 


Hair Forensic's Dryology 1850 Hair Dryer

This ionic dryer is very popular because of its power and its affordable price!  It comes with a professional ionic infused concentrator with a bonus concentrator nozzle! It has a nice, soft touch due to its rubberized housing, and a tangle-free cord. This dryer is the most powerful tool in the Hair Forensic line, and also was built to last you a long time!

If you're desperate to try out ionic hair dryers, but really can't spend over $200, Hair Forensic's Dryology 1850 Hair Dryer is definitely for you - it's priced at $163.95.


I hope this information blew you away as much as the results did with me!

Ionic hair dryers are really the way to go - they're actually HEALTHY for your hair! I don't know about you, but before ionic dryers, I have never heard of a heat styling tool that was actually healthy to use.

Love your hair the way it deserves to be loved, and go for the ionic hair dryer. Your hair will repay you - I promise.

Let us know about your ICONIC results in the comments!

  XOXO, Chiara