Well... It's that time of year again: BEWARE HUMIDITY-HAIR!

Don't panic, there are ways you can easily battle humidity-hair and we're here to share everything with you!

Hint: smoothing treatments are your new best friend!

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Have you ever began your summer night with a nice blowout to only end the night with either flat hair or hair like Monica Geller?

Us too.

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The hair we have in the summer is like a whole other head of hair - barely even recognizable. 

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Thanks, humidity!


It's OK, we have a solution! And no, it's not this...

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Or this...

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But let's discuss WHY your hair acts up whenever it's humid outside in the first place!

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Humid air = Humid hair

Everything about summer gets us excited except how humid the air gets... Humid air means that high levels of hydrogen are present, which the chemical makeup of human hair is extremely sensitive to. Whether you have straight hair or super curly hair - we are all a victim of humidity-hair. Straight hair that is exposed to humidity will become wavy; wavy hair becomes curly; and curly hair becomes even curlier - or extremely frizzy. Why is this? Here's some hair-science for you: when the hydrogen bonds form between the proteins and water molecules in your hair, it results in curlier, frizzier hair!


The Must-Haves:


Lakme's Straight Treatment

This product is a fortifying treatment for frizzy or straightened hair, that restructures, moisturizes and smooths hair fiber. Not only does it keep the hair straight and not frizzy, but it also leaves it shiny and easy to comb! Smoothing treatments, like Lakme's Straight Treatment, are essential for taming your hair in the summer time.

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Although this treatment is recommended for those who have gone through a chemical straightening process, if you battle serious frizz like Princess Mia, we recommend you try this out!


TIGI's Bed Head Control Freak Serum Frizz Control & Straightener

This serum is specifically made to fight humidity, and leaves your hair shiny and glossy at the same time. Not only does it provide thermal protection for your hair, its pineapple scent will have you smelling like a vacation! Apply a small amount in your palms and smooth over your damp hair and wave goodbye to frizzy, humidity-hair! 


One N Only's Keratin De-Frizz Wand

Looking for a magic wand that will smooth, tame and shine your hair? Here it is! This weightless formula helps tame frizzy hair and any fly-aways, while delivering gorgeous shine. Its unique brush and wand applicator is nothing like you've ever used before; it enables you to apply the right amount of product exactly where you need it.

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This magic wand is convenient and easy to use, allowing you to place it easily in your purse, gym bag, or even your office drawer - you can tame the humidity-hair wherever you go!


Schwarzkopf's Osis Tame Wild Smoothing Anti-Frizz Cream

This cream is really a game changer - it's designed to moisturize your hair while protecting it from the summer's heat and humidity to give a soft, smooth, bouncy look for up to 7 days after application. It's basically all that you want in an anti-frizz cream. Only a small amount is needed in which you apply to towel dried hair, then follow with a blow dry while styling it as you desire. Your hair will also be protected from your heat-styling tools!


And just like that, you're humidity-hair free!


These anti-frizz creams and serums are what will transform your frizzy-humidity-hair into the hair you know and love...

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Which of these products work best on you this summer? Let us know!