Learn how to get effortless textured waves by celebrity stylist Jen Atkins herself!

What you’ll need: texturizing spray, hair straightener, hair curler, hair putty


Begin by prepping hair with texture spray - this adds body to yout hair and gives it more memory and hold for waves. Section off your hair with clips to make it easier to work with

Starting from the root, alternate the flat iron under and over to create waves and finish off the hair by straightening the ends. This is essential to getting that ‘effortless’ look.


Use a curling iron to define the pieces around the face, making sure to wrap the hair away from your face.



Only section off 3 sections starting 3 inches away from the head. Do so by pulling yourhair towards the front instead of maneuvering your arms to reach the back of your head, this is way easier and you'll achieve the same look.

Add more texture spray by using the butterfly effect; lifting the hair and spraying at the same time to get more volume without teasing the hair.


Create a textured piecey look by twisting your hair and applying hair wax at the ends.


DONE! ‘Model off the clock’ look: ACHIEVED!



Until next time,