Raise your hand if you've ever been too lazy to wash your hair and regretted it the next morning?

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Waking up with greasy hair is no fun. Not only does it feel uncomfortable, but it looks flat and dirty. Although you will need to wash it eventually, there are a few quick fixes that can hide the grease for a good day or so. Especially since Halloween (tomorrow) falls on a Wednesday, these tricks will be particularly useful after a long night out of trick or treating or partying.  

Tip 1. Products

One of the quickest and easiest ways to hide hair that isn't looking it's freshest is to use hair products such as dry shampoo, hairspray or texture spray. Dry shampoos are miracle workers as they absorb the excess oil leaving your hair looking refreshed and clean. The TIGI Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo also removes odor, so your hair can still smell fresh!

TIGI Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo Mini

Hairspray on the other hand will not remove the oil, but it can create volume by holding the hair up so it doesn't sit flat on  your head. The TIGI S Factor Body Booster Plumping Spray is a hairspray specifically made to lift your roots. Applying some hairspray to the roots after dry shampoo might help your hair keep its volume.

TIGI S Factor Body Booster Plumping Spray

The last product that is useful when dealing with greasy hair is a texture spray. This will give life back into the ends of your hair that are probably a bit dehydrated and limp. The extra oil from greasy hair often weighs the hair down so it sticks close to your head. A texture spray will add volume and movement to make your hair appear fuller. The One N Only speed style dry texturizing spray is formulated with rice protein to condition hair while also giving hair definition and fullness.

Tip 2. Half up bun

Another way to hide greasy hair is to tie up the top section into a high bun. Usually it's the scalp that's greasy, so if you just tie that part up, you can still leave the other half of your hair down. Although this hairstyle on it's own can mask greasy hair, I would still recommend spraying dry shampoo in the roots and them some texture spray in the ends. This will ensure the hair looks its cleanest.

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Tip 3. Dutch/french braids

This is a style I actually do all the time. Whenever I have greasy hair I like to either dutch braid the sides of my hair in a half-up half-down look, or dutch braid my entire head so that I'm left with 2 braids. This really does hide the greasy areas and looks like a very intricate hairstyle.

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Tip 4. Clips

If you're not into fancy, more time consuming hairstyles, another method to hid greasy hair is to clip it back. You can either clip back the front side pieces, or clip all of your hair into a slick up-do. This takes relatively no time and little effort which is great if you're rushing out the door. You can also fake a sleek gelled back look. Add a bit of gel to the roots to smooth back your hair before you clip it. This will give you a clean and polished look, even if your hair is a bit dirty.

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Tip 5. Halo braid

That being said, if you do have some time on your hands, a halo braid is  a great way to cover up greasy roots. Since the halo braid goes around the crown of your head, the extra braided hair can hide those greasy areas. This hairstyle can be a bit tricky to get a hang of at first, however it can make any outfit more feminine and dainty. No one will realize that you skipped out on washing your hair the other night.

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Tip 6. Hat

Sometimes your hair is just too greasy and can't be managed. That's when a hat comes in handy. When nothing else works, just throw on a cute hat and you're good to go. This is a quick fix, and it won't hide your greasy hair forever. If you ever go to school or work and have to take off the hat, I would suggest using a different tip  instead. The hat really only works for outdoor activities or shorter periods of time.

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Although I'm not advocating to skip washing your hair, if you ever do miss out on a wash by mistake, I hope these tips help! Do you have any secret tips to hide greasy hair?