It’s the most wonderful time of the year to make your hair shiner and more luminous. Here are some tips to achieve this easily and quickly!

Healthy Routine

There are no two ways about it: healthy hair is shiny hair. That’s because the cuticle on the outermost part of the hair plays a key role in creating a smooth surface, from where light bounces off and makes it look next-level shiny. When hair is exposed to too many chemicals, pollution, UVs and heat from hairstyling tools, the cuticle becomes porous and dull. In fact, damage is the main cause of matte and dry-looking hair. So your first goal should be to make sure you are keeping your hair cuticle healthy and well sealed.

Since moisture is one of the key components of megawatt shiny hair, make sure you are including a great conditioner in your everyday routine. Even better if it contains a mix of amino acids and keratin, in a sustainable formula, to give your hair a restorative action and repair the hair fibre deep from within. It’s always about providing your hair what it needs, naturally, that will give you better results in the long run.

Regardless, hair masks should be part of everyone’s beauty arsenal since they are great choice for people with damaged hair, and the conditioning ingredients they contain do have a cosmetic effect to leave hair more manageable and hydrated. Translation: more shine!

Adding Liquid Light

Coloured hair? To add a kick of shine or create more dimension, a gloss will leave your hair silky soft and super well moisturized. Most hair glosses are clear, but others can add a subtle sheen of colour. Glosses are usually salon-only services, but in the last years the category has grown to include products that you can apply at home.

If you’re treating your hair to the best products and have implemented a healthy routine (i.e., not blasting too much heat with your hot tools and protecting your tresses from UVs and air pollution), you’re already a step ahead in terms of creating the base for luminosity and shine.

Next on your list should be those products that are known as ‘shine enhancers’ — a hair care category that describes things such as finishing oils, serums, mists and sprays formulated to create that enviable shine. Those are the last hair products you are meant to add before a big night out or event. Now go out and shine like the star you are!