The New Year means new goals

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And one of those goals should be healthy hair! If you've been wanting to achieve thick, long or luscious hair, this article is for you! We'll be sharing tips we've learnt to help you achieve your healthiest hair yet!

1.Water, Protein, Vitamins

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Healthy hair starts on the inside, which means drinking your 8 glasses of water a day. Not only is  water essential for your skin's hydration, but your hair also needs it! Did you know that each strand's weight is made of about 25% water?

Protein is also important to grow healthy hair. The hair is made from protein-fibers, so it requires a certain level of protein to continue to grow.

If your diet doesn't contain enough protein, the body cuts off the supply to the hair follicles so that it can deliver it to more important areas in the body. The lack of protein can then cause dry and brittle hair.

Vitamins are another item that can promote hair health. These nutrients can help to remove the dullness from the strands and give your hair and overall healthier look and feel. Some vitamins to look into are fish oils, iron, zinc and D.

2. Heatless hairstyles

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Heat can be a big culprit of damaged and unhealthy hair. Hot tools such a flatirons, curling irons and blow dryers can take a toll on your hair causing it to dry out more quickly and break.

Instead of these tools, try some overnight heatless curling methods, braided styles, buns  and ponytails to reduce the amount of heat used.

3. Sulfate-free Shampoo

The ingredients in your shampoo are also very important to consider. If ingredients or chemicals are too harsh, they can damage the integrity of the hair. Sulfate for example will lather your hair well, however it also strips the natural oils in your hair that can cause dry and brittle strands.

The LAKME gentle balance shampoo sulfate-free is a great one since it doesn't have sulfate, but has other organic ingredients such as acai extract for moisturization. Its also safe for color treated hair.

You should also only wash you hair 2-3 per week max. Over washing the hair causes the natural oil to be stripped and therefore the scalp compensates by producing even more oil which causes greasy hair.


4. Hair mask=best friend

Keeping your hair hydrated is so important if you want to grow healthy hair. Hydrated hair is less prone to breakage and has an overall healthier glow. For these reasons, hair masks and treatments are essential at least once a week.

The LAKME deep care treatment is a good option for people with naturally dry hair. The formula helps to reconstruct damaged hair fibers and contains ceramicides and Abyssinian oil to nourish hair.


5. To blow dry or not to blow dry?

For the healthiest hair, it's recommended to let your hair air dry as much as possible. However on days that you need to use an air dryer, put it on the "cool' setting instead of using the heat. The cold air won't damage your hair the way that the heated setting does, so although it's not the most comfortable it's better for your hair.

6. Cotton tee shirt

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Instead of using a towel to dry your hair after your shower, use a cotton tee shirt. Towels often have a rough texture which can cause frizz, so this a great hack for anyone with naturally frizzy hair.

7. Boar bristle hair brush

Most people use a plastic bristle hair brushes since they're so widely available at pharmacies and stores. However these options can be quite damaging to the hair. Boar bristle brushes on the other hand are more gentle and therefore damage the hair less.

Try the Dannyco nature pro circular oak wood brush with boar bristles. These natural boar bristles will help fight against static and are gentle for the hair and scalp.



That being said, when combing through wet hair, it's best to use a wide tooth comb. Wet hair is more fragile, so a gentler comb will be best to prevent further damage or breakage.

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8. Natural oils

Another way to keep your hair happy and healthy is to use a natural oil on the ends on your hair. Oils help to nourish, boost hydration , and add shine to your hair.

The LAKME K.Therapy BioArgan Oil is a great addition to your hair care routine. It's made with 100% organic oil and works on all hair types! It's lightweight and helps to prevent the hair from losing elasticity and breaking while treating split ends. It can also be used daily to tame frizz and add moisture.

LAKME K.Therapy BioArgan Oil

9. Trim a little every couple months

Getting rid of the dry, damaged and split ends of your hair will help to make your hair look and feel better. Trimming the ends prevents the split ends from rising which will lead to less breakage. I know hair cuts can be scary, but you don't have to trim a lot! Just 1/2 inch should be fine.

10. Silk pillow case

Treat yourself this year to a silk pillow case. Unlike cotton cases which can cause frizz and static, silk has a smoother texture and won't tug on your hair hair fibers while you sleep. Although this is not necessary in your hair routine, it can help reduce the frizz and tangles you wake up with in the morning.

We hope these tips help you achieve the hair of your dreams!