Don't let the cold wind or snow stop you from having amazing hair!

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As your wardrobe changes to thicker coats, chunkier sweaters and more turtlenecks, you might want to update your hairstyles as well. Today we'll be sharing some of our favorite hairstyles that pair with classic Winter pieces.


Turtlenecks are definitely a staple for the colder weather. Not only do they keep your neck warm, but they can be quite fashionable too. Although you can pair virtually any hairstyle with a turtleneck look, some of the most flattering styles are tied back looks such as buns, sleek ponytails or even halo braids.

These simple and sleep tied back looks compliment tight turtle necks the best. Since turtleneck can give the illusion of not having a neck, having your hair tied up will allow you to show off the neck, collarbone and shoulder silhouette.

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To maintain this style in the Winter winds, make sure to  use a strong hairspray so that your hair stays in place. The JOICO joimist firm finishing spray locks in your look for the entire day and is humidity resistant.


For chunkier turtleneck sweaters, some loose messy curls or waves would definitely compliment the outfit. This will give the whole look a much more cozy and casual look while still looking cute and keeping you warm.

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2. Coats with hoods

When sporting big hooded winter coats, some hairstyles such as a high ponytail or top knot might not fit comfortably underneath the hood. To avoid messing up your hair, opt for leaving your hair down either straight or curled or even a side braid.

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To ensure your hair doesn't get too messy from the wind or frizzy from your coat's static, use an anti-frizz spray. The Rusk Anti Frizz Spray in the 50ml format is the perfect size to toss in your purse and is extra humidity resistant. It helps to waterproof hair against the humidity and creates a barrier for the hair to protect against frizz.

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In terms of hot tools to straighten and curl the hair, the GAMA Italy tourmaline electronic flatiron is one of the best on the markets. The ceramic plates are more delicate on the hair to reduce and prevent heat damage. It's a professional salon quality tool that delivers really shiny and soft results. Like most flatirons, you can also use it to lightly wave or curl your hair. I've watched many tutorials and the love the wavy results flatirons can give!

GA.MA Italy Cp.1 Tourmaline Electronic Flat Iron

3. Hats

Hats are fairly essential during the Winter. They help to keep your head warm, however they can also create hat hair. If you want to learn tricks to avoid the static and hair indents from hats, check out our blog post all about hat hair!

However as mentioned in that post, a really great style when wearing hats is loose braids or low ponytails. These styles will minimize the appearance of any dents from the hat.

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Another great style is some beach waves that start midway through your head. Starting the waves a bit higher than normal will blend in any hair dents that the hat can create. The Hot Tools Professional 1-1/4" Spring Iron For Large Loose Curls creates some beautiful waves. It has Pulse Technology to keep the curler at a constant heat as it senses and restores heat loss.

Hot Tools Professional 1-1/4" Spring Iron For Large Loose Curls

4.  Scarves

Although my favorite hairstyle to wear with a scarf is big loose curls, chunky scarves also tend to look great with a high ponytail or bun. Take advantage of the thickness and warm of the scarf that will keep your ears warm so that you can tie your hair up!

High ponytails and buns make for a very sleek look and compliment giant fluffy scarves well. The sleek hair tends to balance off the large bulky size of most winter scarves. This is a great look to do errands in or if you want a more chill and relaxed day without having to have too much hair maintenance.

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For healthy looking hair that's straight and frizz-free, use the Lakme straight gel after your shower as a leave in gel. It's a gel that adds moisture to the hair and reconstructs the strands to minimize frizz and straighten the hair.  It smooths the strands and also protects it from heat from hair dryers.


We hope you found some hair inspiration to match your warmest Winter outfits! Don't forget that the colder weather can also dry out your hair, so keep the strands hydrated.  Hydrated hair is less frizzy and will give you an easier time when trying to style.