Have you been aimlessly trying to find ONE place that can finally tell you which hair myths are true or false?

A place where you can find out, if in fact, the rumored hair myths you've always heard about are actually not a lie?

You've come to the right place.

We take a look at all the hair myths you've heard ever since the first time your mom stopped you from going to sleep with wet hair! It's time to confront the hair myths for real this time: which hair myths are true, and which are false?

Read to find out!


Let's get right to it; we know you're dying to know the truths behind these myths...


Hair Myth #1: "Air-drying your hair is better than blow-drying it."

Yup, we've ALL heard this one before...

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There IS truth in this myth but it's not as black-and-white as the statement sounds it to be. Blow-drying your hair does damage your hair because of the heat applied to your hair - this is not new information. By blow-drying your hair, you're damaging the hair's surface, but by air-drying your hair, you're damaging your hair strands, themselves!

So, what's the verdict? Here's our refined hair rule: Air-dry until your hair is about 75 percent dry, then, using a low heat setting, dry the rest of your hair using a blow-dryer.

Do you want a safe hair dryer? We recommend you invest in ionic hair dryers. Read here to learn more about the magic.


Hair Myth #2: "If you have dandruff, it means your scalp is dry."

Lies! This myth is FALSE; the truth is actually the exact opposite. If you experience dandruff, it means your scalp is oily - not dry. 

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If you thought that washing your hair daily would dry your hair out MORE, you are wrong. Your dandruff needs to be properly treated which is why we suggest you go pick up a dandruff-specialized shampoo and wash away!

Once you're dandruff-free, read here to find out which shampoo schedule best suits your hair so that you'll never have to deal with dandruff again!


Hair Myth #3: "Trim your hair every 6 weeks for faster hair growth!"

This myth is flat out, false.

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Mind blown, right? Hair growth is originated from your scalp, not your ends; trimming your ends every 6 weeks will eliminate split ends and breakage. Stimulating hair growth is a bit more complex than a simple trim every 6 weeks; read about the hair growth cycle and how to stimulate growth here

Long story short, the amount of times you have your hair trimmed has nothing to do with how fast or slow it might grow but trimming it often will make your hair look healthy - which is also a win in our opinion.


Hair Myth #4: "Brush your hair more frequently for healthier hair."

As much as we wish this myth was true, unfortunately, it is false. Brushing your hair is good for your hair, yes - but brushing your hair means distributing your natural oils; too much of this, is not a good thing.

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Brushing your hair too frequently in a day can lead to frizz, create friction, and cause breakage over time! Here's the corrected version: "Make efforts to brush a few times throughout your day, but don’t brush too much, for this also causes hair damage."

Find out what other hair-brushing mistakes you need to stop making, here!


Hair Myth #5: "Wearing tight hairstyles will lead to hair loss."

Ladies, take note because this myth is actually TRUE! 

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Tight hairstyles like a slicked-back ponytail, buns, or any other form of up-dos that involve feeling as though your scalp is pulling towards your tightly-wrapped hair-tie, will result in hair falling out.  Having your hair styled tightly creates tension on your hair follicles which leads to permanent loss.

If you're a gal who prefers to wear your hair up, that's no problem! But maybe start incorporating loose ponytails or chignons more often.


Hair Myth #6: "Stress could cause hair loss."

This hair myth is sadly true... Ladies, if you're stressed out right now, whatever the cause may be, we suggest you stop what you're doing, and go take a bubble bath - for your hair's sake. 

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This hair myth often gets mixed up with another common hair myth; "stress will make your hair go gray" - which is actually false. Stress won't make your hair go gray, but it will make you LOSE your hair... which is probably worse. 

The good news with this hair myth is that it's not a permanent loss! With a little extra self-care and a healthy diet, your scalp can rejuvenate itself back to its full set of hair. 

For an extra push, try Lakme's K.Therapy Active product line which assists with hair loss and hair thinning!


Hair Myth #7: "Going to bed with wet hair will make your hair moldy."

Your mom has probably told you this a thousand times - almost as often as she told you that going outside with wet hair will give you a cold, right?

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Well, lucky for you - none of these are true. BUT, your mother may not be as far fetched as you think she is...

Going to bed with wet hair means that the moisture from your hair can allow for bacteria to breed in your pillow! If you are acne-prone, AVOID doing this, or be sure to change your pillowcase at least every second day. Another reason to avoid going to bed with wet hair is that it could damage your strands! When your hair is wet, the hair shaft is much weaker; when rubbed against fabric, such as cotton, it can damage the cuticle, resulting in frizz, breakage and split ends.

Going to bed with wet hair might not give you moldy hair, but the actual results are still not pretty.


Hair Myth #8: "Shampoos stop working on your hair after frequent usage."

We are very relieved to say that this myth is false.

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If you're worried about your hair "getting used to" a shampoo - stop. There's VERY little evidence that proves this myth to be true, so don't stress! We actually recommend that you don't bounce from shampoo to shampoo. Switching shampoos often can throw off your pH balance; this can cause problems like a dry scalp and hair breakage from lack of moisture.


There you have it, ladies; all the hair myths you've ever been told UNRAVELED.

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Now you can live a hair-myth-free life. You're welcome.


What other crazy hair myths have you heard? Tell us in the comments!