We all are aware of common life hacks to help us get through life... But it's the hair hacks that really count.

Hair hacks are what help you get A+ hair, everyday.

We've narrowed down 5 easy hair hacks you NEED to adopt - get hackin'!

Warning: some of them are really weird.


PSA: Hair styling doesn't require insane amounts of work or dishing an insane amount of money on tools or products.

There are very affordable, time-sensitive, and lazy ways to achieving red-carpet hair. These ways are known as HAIR HACKS - we're going to share our top 5 hair hacks we feel will change your life.

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You'll thank us later.


1. "Overnight Dry Shampoo" Hack

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Dry shampoo is probably the most underrated hair product; it's literally a life-saver. It will turn your bad hair day into your best hair day in just a single spray! If you're already a dry shampoo user, congratulations, you're a step ahead. For those of you who have yet to incorporate dry shampoo to your hair-care cycle, we strongly urge you to start. Lakme's Brush Up Dry Shampoo is the perfect way to freshen your hair up in between washes!

Now, for the hack... no one likes the residue of spray in the roots, so by spraying your hair with dry shampoo before bed, you'll be soaking up the oil, leaving your hair fresh and clean in the morning - residue-free! The bonus to this hack is not having to rub the dry shampoo into your scalp - your pillow takes care of that!


2. "For Flywaways: Toothbrush + Hairspray" Hack

Are you struggling with those pesky flywayays and baby-hairs?

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We know the feeling; lucky for you, all you need is an old toothbrush and your regular hairspray. You're probably wondering exactly how these two items would help you, given it's a two items that generally don't fuse... Until now. This hack is actually really straight forward; just spray your hairspray onto your toothbrush and brush over your hairline. This will achieve a smooth finish, rather than a crunchy-looking finish.

Need a hairspray? Give Lakme's Ecolack Hairspray a go.


3. "Swim-Proofing Your Hair" Hack

Squeeze in your last swim of the summer the right way!

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If you're a swimmer or someone who's at the beach a lot, listen up. Chlorine and salt water can dry out your hair so you need an easy way to protect your hair from letting this happen. Enter: the hack; swim-proofing your hair only involves spraying your hair with some leave-in conditioner before you hit the water. And for you color-treated-hair ladies, by doing this, you'll also be prolonging the color of your hair. It's a win-win!

We recommend spraying Lakme's Lak-2 Leave-In Conditioner for swim-proofing your hair. You should also expect shinier, straighter, and softer hair; you're welcome.


4. "A Blowout by Self-Grip Rollers" Hack

Have you ever had your hairdresser give you the most beautiful blowout, to only wonder how you can easily recreate the look at home?

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Self-grip rollers is your answer. As someone who has closely observed the blowout-technique seen at the salon, you can never get the same results at home. That's why resorting to self-grip rollers is a life changing move because not only does it give you the blowout results you've always wanted, but it requires minimal effort from you! 

BaBylissPro has Velcro Self-Grip Rollers in a variety of sizes so you can really have fun playing around with the sizes! Roll sections of your hair into the your rollers, spray with your Lakme Ecolak Hairspray, and release for the most gorgeous blow out.


5. The "2 Ponytail" Hack

The high-ponytail look is a favorite for most women; it's classy, stylish, and also is a great way to keep hair out of your face.

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But it's annoying when these high ponytails fall flat... That's why this hack was invented, so that you never have to deal with this nuisance again! You need VOLUME, so with the 2-ponytail hack, you separate your hair into two sections, tying both the top section and bottom section in a ponytail. This little hack gives the illusion of fuller, more voluminous hair. The top ponytail should fall on top of the bottom ponytail, blending in with the bottom's hair tie!


With these 5 hair hacks, you'll be wondering how you ever got by before them.

Although some may be a bit bizarre, they work! Hair-hack your way through life so that everyday can be a good hair day.


Which of these hair hacks is your next hack? Let us know in the comments!