Combs, like hair brushes, come in all shapes, sizes and bristles too.

There are many types of combs that all are designed to achieve something different from the other.

There are detangling combs, pick combs, fine-tooth combs, teasing combs... SO MANY COMBS! 

Read more for a breakdown on all comb types and to ensure that you find the perfect comb for your hair needs!

When should you use a COMB over a BRUSH?

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Answer: You should choose a comb over a hair brush for the following hair situations:

  • When your hair is wet.
  • When you want to work styling products through your hair.
  • To smooth dry hair.
  • For when you want to remove any hair knots -
  • To part your hair -
  • To tease your hair.

Detangling Combs (or Wide Tooth Combs)

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Wide tooth combs, also known as detangling combs, are a must-have! These combs are ideal for thick, curly, or tangled hair. A wide tooth comb has large spacing between the teeth of the comb, and it's amazing for your hair. Why? Because...

  • It makes detangling your hair SO easy! The wide separation of the teeth will make combing so much easier than using any other type of comb. Normal spacing between comb teeth will result in frustration and tugging of the hair, which you wan't to avoid. Although the wide-tooth comb is ideal for all hair types, it's MOST ideal for long and curly hair!
  • You won't lose or collect as much hair. In the process of getting rid of hair knots and detangling, a lot of hair is usually lost while using a normal comb. However, a wide tooth comb helps detangle your hair without losing a lot of hair!
  • No risk of hair breakage! Compared to a normal comb, a wide tooth comb provides less friction. Because of this feature, the wide tooth comb is much more gentle on the hair, which prevents breakage!
  • No risk of split ends! Curly and wavy hair, in particular, are more prone to frayed ends and split ends. Therefore, using a regular comb will only result in hair damage and MORE split ends. That's why it's important to use a wide tooth comb to prevents split ends from occurring!
  • Gentle on the scalp. A normal comb doesn't feel as amazing as a wide tooth comb does on the scalp. The wide tooth comb has the ability to give a soothing, massage sensation on your scalp, while the normal combs feels as though you're being scratched. Because the wide tooth comb is soothing on the scalp, it improves blood circulation!

Where to get one? Try Salon Club's Detangling Comb, available on Beauty Route!

Fine Tooth Tail Combs

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Fine tooth tail combs are essential for styling and parting hair! Its unique features include a long, pointed tail coming off from one end, with the appearance of a normal comb. This comb is most ideal for getting hair perfectly straight. If you already have straight hair, we still recommend that you test out a fine tooth comb simply because the close teeth feature allows for your hair to settle in place. 

The 'rat-tail' aspect of the comb is what makes this comb unique. The 'tail' is the long thin handle of the comb. This is what makes this comb more of a styling comb, ideal for separating, straightening, and hair sectioning for different styling processes. 

This comb has it all! Get Salon Club's Fine Tooth Tail Comb to experience the magic firsthand.

Teasing Combs

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Teasing combs are for... TEASING! You should NOT tease your hair with anything else other than with a teasing comb. The teasing comb is really a great styling tool for any hair type or hair texture! What makes this tool so great is the teeth of this comb; they allow you to smooth any stray hairs, bumps, and most importantly, it can safely tease hair. 

Teasing hair can actually damage your hair if not done correctly. That's why it's important to invest in a teasing comb if you incorporate hairstyles that involve teasing hair!

It also helps to make note of these few pointers...

  • Begin with straight hair - if you have curly hair, really be sure to first blow it dry or straighten it. Once this step is done, let your hair cool off before proceeding.
  • Slice your hair into sections. We recommend you work with 1 to 2 inch slices using the tail end of your teasing comb. Depending on how much extra volume you would like to achieve, add or remove hair in your hair slices. For a looser look, create larger slices.
  • Begin to gently tease your hair. GENTLY. Teasing your hair aggressively will only result in hair damage... And an ugly hairstyle. Start with the back of your hair by holding a section of hair up and place your comb above the root. Then, move the comb up and down repeatedly.
  • Hairspray! We recommend that you spray the section of hair you teased to seal in the teasing. After every section, or slice, you tease, SPRAY!
  • Style away. Once you're all done with teasing your chosen hair slices, use your hands to style and smooth over the hair. It helps if you lay smoother hair strands over the top of the teased hair. We recommend that you finish the look with a shine spray.

A great teasing comb that will make all your teasing dreams come true is Y.S. Park's Teasing Comb!

Pick Combs

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What are PICK COMBS? These combs are great for lifting the hair away from the head. It also is excellent for adding volume to the hair, to style hair and for parting the hair. This type of comb is flat and square-shaped with hard teeth. It is most ideal for combing and grooming very curly, thick or kinky hair. 

The pick comb has become the main grooming tool choice for Afro hair. It detangles with minimal tension, and without damaging the delicate hair strands. Pick combs can assist with lifting hair from the root, achieving a big, voluminous hairstyle.

Try out Salon Club's Pick Comb!

Pin Tail Combs

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Like the fine tooth tail comb, the pin tail comb has a long, pointed tail coming off from one end. The pin tail comb is equal thickness from root to tip, which is ideal for foil work (highlighting) and avoiding stray hairs from catching, when rolling hair. The pin tail comb is very similar to a rat tail but this tail is much finer. The fine pin tail allows for precise parting and as for coloring processes, the pin tail will be more efficient in gathering the perfect amount of hairs.

We recommend you try Y.S. Park's Carbon Super Winding Pin Tail Comb!

Cutting Combs (PRO)

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For those of you who are pro, or thinking of pursuing a career as a hairdresser, you need to know what a cutting comb is. Cutting combs are specifically designed to assist with cutting hair, with its highest standards of precision and quality. Cutting combs are known for their straight edges, which assists in achieving a clean cut. The row of teeth of most cutting combs are divided in two sections; one for rough work and one for fine detailing.

A must-have cutting comb is Y.S. Park's Fine Cutting Comb (180mm) - it's affordable and also features the two division of teeth.

All-Purpose or Multipurpose Combs

If you're going to own a comb, you need to own THIS ONE.

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The all-purpose combs is the perfect go-to for hair combing. These combs are known to be sturdy that work well for many things - hence the name of the comb: all-purpose. Although this comb is great at covering most of your hair combing needs, it's mainly great for detangling. This all-purpose comb is great on dry hair and wet hair, and amazing for curly and thick hair. 

Comb your way to healthier and happier hair!

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What are you waiting for? Pick the perfect comb or combs for YOU and get combin'!

Which comb will you be trying out next? Let us know!