I love having long hair,  but sometimes it can be hard to manage.

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One of the most annoying things about having long hair is that it gets knotted so easily.  No matter how long I sit there with a comb, it feels like detangling my hair takes years. Depending on how tangled your hair it, is can also be extremely painful and usually damages the hair as pieces break off or get pulled out.  So if you want to find out how to minimize hair knots, keep on reading.

What's the source of the problem?

One of the first things you should do if you have naturally tangled hair is to determine if you can find the source of the problem. Tangled hair can be caused by the exposure to harsh wind, hair that isn't brushed enough, sleeping with your hair tied down, curly hair, long hair and damaged or dry hair. If you can identify one of these explanations, treating your tangles will be that much easier.

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In most situations, the hair tangles because it's dry, boken and lacking moisture. Therefore to try and avoid tangles, make sure you constantly hydrate your hair with conditioner and hair masks to replenish the nutrients.

The CHI Keratin Conditioner provides intense hydration and moisture. It helps to combat against damage from  styling with heat or chemical treatments.

CHI Keratin Conditioner

Hair masks are also important to use about once per week. This more intense treatments can really help restore your hair with the hydration it needs, as well as well as making your hair feel silky and shiny.  The Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator Mask formulated with shea butter is a quick but effective option. You only have to leave in in your hair for 3-5 minutes and rinse it out to feel the benefits.

Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator Mask 50ml

Less heat

This goes hand in hand with hydration. Using hot tools on your hair dries the strands out. So if you're trying to keep your hair moisturized, use less hot tool to prevent breakage and tangles. But if you have to use a curling iron or flatiron make sure to use a heat protectant spray and medium heat.


When deciding to brush out your hair, it's important to choose the right comb. And yes, you read correctly, I said comb and not brush. Combs, specifically wide tooth combs are more gentle on the hair and will help to detangle your hair with less damage. Another tip is to brush the ends of your hair first, and move up towards the top of your head.  It's also important not to brush your hair when it's wet since the hair is in a vulnerable state.

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To avoid tangles you should also consider brushing your hair more often. As long as you're gentle, combing it through about 2-3 times per day will help reduce any big knots. Brushing your hair before taking a shower will also help to avoid making tangles worse. Since hair is more delicate when wet, it can break more easily if you try to detangle it in the shower.


It's also important to always brush your hair at night before you go to sleep to ensure you don't sleep on knotted hair and make it worse. After brushing your hair before bed, it's also recommended to sleep with your hair tied up to avoid waking up with knots. A very loose and gentle style such as a braid or a scrunchie bun is a good way to protect the hair.

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Tying up your hair

When tying your hair up, make sure to use hair ties that are gentle on the hair to avoid breakage. Cordless coil hair ties are ideal since they don't dent or pull on the hair the same way elastics do. Another good option would be a fabric scrunchie.


That being said, don't tie your hair up too much and not in the same location. Consistently tying your hair in the same location on the scalp will cause all the breakage to be concentrate in that one area. It's best to alternate hairstyles and to change up the placement.

However if you plan on being active that day or there are harsh winds outside, then definitely do tie your hair up using the coil hair ties or a scrunchie. Wind can tangle your hair so easily, so to avoid this mess keep your hair up. 

Hopefully these tips help you to get tangle free hair. So say goodbye to those days of spending hours trying to remove knots!