Music festival season is upon us!

What's better than being surrounded by good music and good friends? Having good hair through it all, of course. 

Music festivals aren't just about music - the crazy outfits and the wild hairstyles are all part of the fun! BUT, as fun as music festivals are, your hair will go through a lot - especially if you're camping out for a multi-day festival. 

It is so important to keep your hair healthy throughout this weekend; which is why we decided to share some tips on how to do so and some hairstyles that are festival-worthy!


What do to before the festival...

There's actually more planning involved in a music festival weekend than people think; there's commute plans, outfits plans, 'which stage to visit at what time' plans, food plans... But the most important plan is the hair plan.

If you're heading to a music festival soon, you might want to implement the following tips beforehand!


Hair Mask It Up

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Before your big, musical weekend, wash your hair to begin prepping for the festival. But before you proceed with washing your hair, apply a hair mask to prolong the hair wash. After the hair mask application, shampoo it out and you'll be left with silkier, softer hair. You'll be able to whip your luscious hair around to the music's beat all weekend long. 

A hair mask like Lakme's K.Therapy Bioargan Hydrating Mask, will deeply moisturize and restore your hair's shine in ways you never thought it could. To use this mask, you must begin with shampooing your hair, then applying the mask throughout your hair and leaving it in for 5 minutes, then rinse out the mask and resume your shower.

Another hair mask that works wonders is Pure Coconut Oil - apply a generous amount throughout your hair and leave it in for 20 minutes. After the time is up, rinse off the oil out with shampoo. Your hair will be left super silky and soft!


Leave-In Conditioner is Your Friend

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After you mask and wash your hair, apply some leave-in conditioner to lock in the magic throughout the weekend. Leave-in conditioners assist with taming hair by making it straighter, shinier, softer, and easier to comb. We recommend Lakme's Lak-2 Conditioner; it instantly disentangles the hair and enhances its shine while protecting and preserving the hair fiber from external aggression.

Because you are outside all weekend long, protecting your hair from external aggression is extremely important!


Pack Your Products

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To maintain your fabulous hair during a no-hair-wash weekend, you MUST pack the necessities, which include:

Dry shampoo is a great way to soak up all the inevitable dirt and oils at the roots of your hair that will accumulate throughout the festival. It also gives your hair a little volume boost!


Once you're at the music festival...

Music festivals are a time for everyone to express their sense of style creatively. 

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It's the only environment where crazy outfits and crazy hair are acceptable and encouraged! Music festivals are a time to express your creativity! But there's no way your hair will stay intact after all that crowd-surfing...

Here are some hairstyles that are easy to maintain all festival-weekend and SCREAM music-festival!


Double Dutch Braids

Braids are a perfect go-to for a long-lasting hairstyle. It's not only functional, but it is guaranteed to stay put while you dance during the hot day in the dusty conditions. Not to mention, double dutch braids are SO chic!

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Double dutch braids also is great for the day after; if you sleep with the braids in and take them out the following day, you'll find your hair in beautiful waves - perfect for the next day of the festival!

You can really have fun with double dutch braids; it can be 2, 3, or even 4 braids.


Glitter Roots

Where else is it socially acceptable to wear glitter in your hair other than a music festival? Take advantage of the music festival weekend and make your hair SPARKLE!

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Applying glitter to your roots is also a perfect way to hide those roots coming in. To get this look, mix  some glitter with your hair gel, and apply to your roots with a brush... And maybe throw out that brush. What's so great about adding glitter to your roots is having fun with hair parting as well - like a zig-zag parting!

Because you might not have time to wash your hair until the festival weekend is over, we recommend that you add the glitter to your hair for the last day of the festival, that way you can actually wash out the glitter before bed.


Space Buns

You may recognize these buns from the 90s... or Miley Cyrus. Space buns are BACK and we are here for it!

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Like the hair glitter, space buns might be a bit crazy for everyday use, so this festival weekend is a perfect time to embrace this kooky hairstyle! Space buns have a variety of styles within the hairstyle; you can wear all or half your hair up, add dutch braids, a zig-zag part, or even incorporate glitter at the roots as previously mentioned!


Beachy Waves

Last, but most certainly not least, beachy waves. You can never go wrong with beachy waves. This hairstyle is a classic and isn't strictly festival-fashion either - it can definitely be an everyday look!

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Beachy waves are beautiful, bohemian inspired waves that are messy, but just at the right amount. To achieve this look, section your hair in pieces and curl each section. Then, scrunch the curls as they cool to get the 'messy' look, rather than the 'neat' finish. It's important to accessorize - that way, the beachy hairstyle can go from everyday-hairstyle to festival-hairstyle; try a flower crown, a cool hat, or a cute crochet dress! 


You're officially festival-weekend ready!

You have the hair-care tips, the hair products that will save your hair during the weekend, and the hairstyles.


What's your favorite music festival hairstyle? Let us know!