The Secret to EXTREME Blowouts with NO Frizz!




What you’ll need: Blow dryerround brush, and hair spray


Before blowdrying, here's a few tips to get massive volume:


  1. Blow-dry your hair right to the roots
  2.  in the opposite direction that the hair lays
  3. A common misconception is that the ‘bigger the round-brush the bigger the volume’ but this isn’t the case,  it’s actually easier to work with a smaller round brush because it gets closer to the roots and allows you to easily manipulate the hair
  4. Round brush getting caught!?  → don’t wind the hair all the way around the brush when blow-drying. Treat the brush as if it’s a flat brush & then you can bevel the brush at the ends, this way the hair won't get caught!


Begin with hair that is about 50-60% dry. Using root-lift spray, spray all over roots and massage the product in your hair.

Start by taking the top section of hair and blow-drying sections horizontally across the part rather than vertical. Complete whole top section being careful not to let moisture from other sections of hair touch the dry sections.


When finished, clip the top section into a rounded bubble so it can set while you do the bottom section of hair. Pay special attention to top section of hair because that's where the volume comes from.



Finish blow-drying the rest of the hairTake out the top section of hair and revisit for any touch-ups on kinks.

(Optional) Apply a lightweight serum at bottom of hair for extra shine.


Et VOILA! Huge volume that's you can easily achieve with these few tips!


Until next time,