If you live in a Nordic climate, you know that as soon as the heating in your house and office starts cranking up, chances are you might end up with a ton of flyaways in your hair. Here’s everything you need to know to stop static in its tracks!

Luckily, there are many smartly formulated hair care products designed to make hair less prone to static, frizz, and easier to manage. But before you reach out for them, here are some ideas you can implement to minimize static electricity from making your hair stick out.

1. Choose a Moisturizing Shampoo.

Like we’ve said, dry air and hair are the main culprits when it comes to having staticky hair. One way to keep all that dryness at bay is to make sure you’re providing your hair with all the hydration it needs with a straightforward product such as Moisturizing Shampoo from Style Id, so that the hair stays well nourished and its strands are soft, flexible and pliant — all qualities you usually find in healthy hair.

2. Always Use Conditioner.

We’re almost sure you would never skip on conditioner, since it’s that key step in your cleansing routine that replenishes your hair with good moisture and seals the cuticle, while improving hair’s softness and making it more manageable. If that were not good enough reason, did you know conditioner also neutralizes the electric charge in your hair some shampoos can create? That’s right. So slather on your conditioner in the cold winter months.

3. Go for a Weekly Hair Treatment.

You colour your hair regularly? Then you will want to benefit from the added nutrients and deeply moisturizing qualities of a hair mask once a week. Chemically treated hair always needs a little boost to stay well moisturized, particularly if you use hot styling tools more often during the Holiday season to create those beautiful curls in your balayage. A deeply conditioning hair mask will help restore your hair’s shine softness which will automatically minimize pesky flyaways.

4. Hair Oil is your BFF

If you want to protect your stands even more during the harsh winter months from the drying cold air, hair oil is the ultimate ally in your hair care arsenal. Apply a few drops before blow-drying your hair, or finish your hairstyle by warming a few drops of it in the palms of your hands and then running your fingers through your hair. The moisture will help banish the electricity that causes static, and that same hydration will make your hair soft and manageable. A win win!

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