Curls... When you have them you want to change them, when you don’t have them you want them. This seems to be an ongoing theme in hair trends.

As a wavy/curly hair girl myself, I often faced this dilemma. As I grew up and learned about hair styling and hot tools, I often simply straightened my hair when I wanted to give it that extra pizzazz. This has resulted in all my pictures taken at special events to be me with straight hair. Looking back, this is especially weird because I find that curly hair is just more “me”.

In the few years after I  left high school, I bid the part of me that sought acceptance good-bye, and I have expanded my “go-to fancy hairstyles” to include curls as well. This has changed my hair game forever!

I first bought a curling wand following graduation; it was a ½ in wand. This provided me with only one curl size option, and one look: the tight curl/condensed hair look.

As I recently started attending more events and going out more, I wanted to add a new look to my “go-to fancy hairstyle” list. In hopes of expanding my curly hair options, I picked up this 3-barrel curling wand by Hair Forensic. This kit has a ¾ in barrel, as well as a 1in and a 1 ½ in barrel. I knew going in that three barrels would allow me to create more looks, yet I had no idea how amazing the tool itself would be!

This wand is so easy to use; it heats up like a charm, it's lightweight, and most of all, it's so easy to change the barrels. At first I used the same barrel to create an entire look, with all the curls matching in size and thickness. As I gained more experience, I tried alternating between the barrels in the same look. This resulted in voluminous lux curls with different sizes and textures.

What I love about this wand is it allows you to have three tools for the price of one; I have known far too many women who owned multiple curling wands, ranging from ½ in to 1 ½ in. This collection of wands stacked up quickly, with most of the ending up forgotten at the bottom of the pile. A curling wand like the HF 3-in-1 is great for women who have various hair needs and who, like me, want more than one go-to curl look. Another bonus is that this wand takes up far less space than owning multiple wands, which is great for travelling or for individuals with little to no storage.

As you probably could have guessed from my Hair Forensic love letter above, I adore this product! It has not only allowed me to expand my curly/ wavy hair options but it has also allowed me reduce my storage needs for hair tools. I cannot wait to try more from this brand, I am sure they have far more exciting products waiting for me!

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