Brushing your hair is actually not as simple as it looks.

It's a lot more complex than running bristles from roots to ends; there is a legit science behind brushing your hair. Do it wrong, and you'll suffer consequences like hair breakage and hair tangles - no thank you.

So, don't worry! With the right brush and the tips we're going to share with you, you'll be a hair-brushing-pro in no time.

Say goodbye to hair brushing mistakes, and hello to soft, strong, and shiny hair!


Pick up brush, comb it through hair, repeat - WRONG.

You thought brushing your hair was THAT simple, huh? Nope.

To brush your hair the right way, a few factors must be taken into consideration beforehand. Let us tell you what they are...


Use The RIGHT Brush

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Don't use a fork like Princess Ariel, use a boar brush for brushing your hair and a round brush for styling your hair! Brushes are designed differently, depending on what your hair needs are. The best brush type is always the gentler option, like a boar bristle brush or a comb with staggered teeth. These types of brushes are designed to specifically detangle your hair without tearing them out! Do NOT use a round brush or a metal bristle brush to work through your hair with! These brush types are for drying your hair only — if you use them to detangle hair, they can actually snap your hair!

Find out what the best type of hair brush is for your hair here.


Tease Your Hair Properly

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Teasing your hair requires specific teasing tools, like Salon Club's Teasing Tail Comb. Using anything other than a teasing comb or a teasing boar brush, can result in serious hair damage! The right way to tease your hair is by beginning with applying dry shampoo to your roots. Then, starting from halfway down the length of your hair, use your teasing comb or teasing brush to stroke firmly towards your scalp. Do this until your hair cushions at the base of your scalp, and finish off with hairspray!


Use The RIGHT Comb

Like brushes, combs vary in design to better suit particular hair needs.

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Combs were designed to tackle the tangles of our hair, but they're not all made equal! Contrary to popular belief, a wide-tooth comb can actually break your hair, locking in knots, and can leave your hair rough and difficult to manage. A fine-tooth comb, like Salon Club's Fine Tooth Tail Comb, is the way to go - it is gentler on the hair, like boar bristle brushes are. 


Brush In The RIGHT Direction

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We're about to blow your mind: brushing your hair from roots to ends on DRY hair actually creates more knots and adds unnecessary damage. The correct way to brush your hair is by starting at a few inches from your ends and brushing it downward, only moving closer to your scalp when you've taken care of all the tangles in the section you're working with at that moment. What increases your chances in breaking your hair is going down the entire length of hair in one, long swipe. This will result in you snagging your brush on multiple tangles, likely causing hair breakage.



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If you're someone who brushes out tangles after a shower, that is totally fine BUT keep in mind that when your hair is wet, it is more prone to breakage! Since this is the case, we advise that you don't completely rinse out your conditioner for this will help detangle your hair by making it soft. We also recommend you incorporate a leave-in conditioner, like Lakme's Lak-2 Conditioner, for after your shower! Combing and brushing your hair after some conditioner application will make your life easier and your hair healthier!


Are You Brushing Enough?

The "I woke up like this" look may work for Beyoncé, but unfortunately, it doesn't mean that it works for the rest of us.

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Brushing your hair multiple times a day, especially if you have long hair, will help with conditioning your strands by distributing your hair oils, which keeps your scalp healthy! If you aren't the type of gal to brush her hair often, or even at all, this is a mistake you need to leave in the past. Make efforts to brush a few times throughout your day, but don't brush too much, for this also causes hair damage.


Use A Scalp-Friendly Brush!

Your scalp should be treated like royalty, for it is the key to growing healthy, beautiful hair! 

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If your brush hurts your scalp in anyway, it's time to toss it in the trash and never look back. Brushing your hair should NOT be painful on your scalp, and should give a massage-sensation to it instead.


You're basically a hair-brushing-pro now *hair-flip emoji*

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Do you find yourself making some (or all) of these mistakes? 


Let us know about your hair-tastic results after ditching these hair brushing mistakes!