"Being an old school barbershop means that we master the craftsmanship to create perfect classic haircuts, like the pompadour, the executive contour, the slick back, flattop, cuts like that. We only do classic haircuts that have survived the ravages of time, we don’t do trendy fashion haircuts. We are not into fashion but we are into style and class, with a little raw rock ‘n roll edge. A style for real gentlemen and guys with attitude.”

 Jean van Rossum, founder of Barberstation

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The Barberstation, founded in 2013, in Nijmegen, Holland, has revolutionized the grooming experience for men. In just over a short span of time, The Barberstation has become the biggest old school barbershop in Holland.

The Barberstation successfully opened 3 barbershops, Barber Academy and began a full grooming products line! Jean's barbershop was eventually awarded the "Kapper Keten Best Barber/Hairdressers Chain Company of the Netherlands" award.

Originally a drummer and musician under the name Jean Monsou, Jean van Rossum decided to take a step back from the music industry and combine everything he loves towards the creation of The Barberstation: traditional hairstyles, a stylish gentleman's vibe, an authentic interior, a cozy bar and timeless music that appeals to the new generation. He thought the hairdressing world could use a bit of Rock & Roll.

Jean was always bothered by the haircut experience for men; having been brought up in a family of hair dressers, he realized that hairdressers were never properly trained how to master a man's haircut. To simply 'do' men's hair, while mimicking a short hairstyle for women, is not the right approach. Men can now get the grooming they deserve and have an amazing (and manly) experience at The Barberstation.

The Barberstation's old school vibe is what makes this men-grooming-station so charming; it's what makes it so unique.

Rob Slaats works as a barber and a trainer at the Barber Academy, and has been part of The Barberstation's journey since the very beginning! He calls himself a 'master barber'. Both sharing love for the hair industry and an old-school gentlemen's atmosphere, Jean and Rob hit it off immediately.

Before Rob joined The Barberstation team, he owned his own hairdressing salon in Mills; Hairdresser Slaats. Wanting to move on to a new challenge, Rob Slaats eventually became partner at The Barberstation, with Jean van Rossum.


The rest is history...


The Barberstation has come a long way since 2013 and has become available on Beauty Route! The product line includes all essentials for men; excellent pomade, beard balms, shampoo, devil's water, and so much more!

With The Barberstation being this month's Brand of The Month, we would like to share our Barberstation favorites with you!


Barberstation Pomade

This is really an excellent water-based pomade that gives your hair medium to strong hold, high sheen and a fresh scent. What's not to love? It's also designed to be easy to use and does not harden, allowing you to re-style your hair throughout the day using a wet comb or fingers!

You could say it's really po-MADE for men! Wink, wink.


Devil's Water

We love the Devil's Water! Why, you ask? Because it's not solely for your hair, but you can freshen up your face and soul with it as well! Devil’s Water is an aftershave but can also be used as a hair-tonic, due to its magical fragrance. This heavenly blend of red mandarin, cinnamon, white wood, tobacco and blond leather leaves the skin calm, refreshed and smooth. It also helps heel any razor nicks.


Beard Balm

Having a beard is great and all, but what exactly are you doing about your skin underneath all that beard hair? Enter Barberstation's Beard Balm. This product is designed to take care of your beard and the skin underneath. This marvelous balm contains sheabutter, beeswax and argan oil. The combination of these ingredients helps with reducing itch and beardruff while moisturizing the skin and beard hair. And the bonus?  It has a nice fresh citrus/bergamot scent.

We hope you're excited about The Barberstation product line as much as we are!

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Get your shopping-game on; spoil yourself or your boyfriend, your brother, your friends, your dad (father's day is around the corner, you do know that right?), with any of these holy-grail products!

What Barberstation products have you already tried? Let us know!