Bangs are a big decision, they can change your face completely

If you've been thinking about getting bangs or are on the fence, we're about to make the decision a whole lot simpler.  Getting bangs can be a scary task, so we're about to share some tips on how to make the right decision for your face type.

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However before you go out and get that fringe, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, bangs are a time commitment. They can be fairly high maintenance and depending on your preference can take frequent appointments for trims. Furthermore, if your face is more towards the oily side, the bangs will get greasy quicker which means washing them more often or using some styling products.

The best bangs for your face shape

1.Round Face

If you have a rounder face like Selena Gomez, then a soft arching bangs will compliment your rounder face. The shape is very important since you don't want to make your rounder face appear fuller than it actually is.  Another tip is to go for thicker bangs for a more defined look.

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To keep your bangs looking their best, try the Hair Treats Thermastyle ceramic round brush in the 25MM size. A round brush is perfect to create that volume and slight movement to curve your bangs inward for a flattering appearance. This specific brush is coated with ceramic to reduce blow drying time and distributes the heat more evenly.


2. Oval Face

If you have been blessed with an oval face, then almost every type of bang looks good on you! You can try side-swept bangs, short and blunt ones, longer edges or be as creative as you want. That being said, if you want to play it on the safer side, ask your hairdresser for longer bangs that fall between your brow and eyelash. This way you'll be able to part them to the side or keep them in front of your face.

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To enhance your bangs, try using a texture spray to help them keep their shape. The Schwarzkopf Osis Session Label Salt Spray will give you a carefree, yet manageable look. It has a matte finish leaving your bangs perfectly tousled.

SCHWARZKOPF -Osis Session Label Salt Spray 200 Ml


3. Square Face

If your face is more square, get bangs that hang just below the brows. Also try to get them thicker and fuller towards the side. For a flattering look, you want the mid section to be more feathery so that part of the forehead peaks through. To balance out your jawline, you want to avoid bangs that are too long and cover your eyes.

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To allow your bangs to hold their shape, another useful product could be a styling cream. The CHI Styling Line Reworkable Taffy  is a non-sticky cream that will allow you to create texture and hold certain styles. This formula is paraben-free and contains silk powder to help protect the hair.

CHI Styling Line Reworkable Taffy 54g

4.Heart Face

People with a heart shaped face will look best with side-swept bangs. Their face shape is generally heavier on the top and thins out towards the chin. Side-swept bangs will help to balance out your features. You want to ask for the shortest part of your fringe to be just at the arch of your brow and to elongate towards the side of your outer corner of the eye.

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To keep your bangs looking fresh, use some dry shampoo! This is essential since your bangs sit on your forehead and are directly in contact with the oils on your face. The TIGI Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo is perfect since it removes odor and absorbs the excess oil.

TIGI Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo Mini

5. Small Forehead

If you have a smaller forehead, ask your hairdresser for long side-swooping bangs. Angled asymmetrical bangs that end around your cheekbone will be most flattering since it will help to elongate your forehead. If you ask for this style, it is important however to consider the way you part your hair. This style requires a deep part, so if you have a cowlick this might not be the right style for you.

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To keep the bangs swooped to the side, use just a small spritz of hairspray. The LAKME K.Style Pliable Natural Hold Spray is great for bangs because it holds your hairstyle while still giving off a natural look. It reduces static and can still be easily brushed out.

LAKME K.Style Pliable Natural Hold Spray 300 ml

6.Larger Forehead

If your forehead is more prominent, then bangs can be a great way to to remove the focus from your forehead and bring it to another one of your features. You ideally want thicker bangs, they can show a bit of your forehead but you don't want them to be too wispy.

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To get the perfect amount of volume with longer bangs, try using rollers. The Dannyco magnetic rollers in the long format are ideal for bangs. They won't leave your hair with frizz or static, but will help  to give them some body.


If you're thinking of getting bangs, we hope this helps! Although face shape does play a role in what bangs are said to be most flattering, the most important part is the you feel confident. So look up some inspiration photos and get yourself some new fringe.

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