Say Goodbye To Bad Hair Days:

Who doesn't like a good hair day? Obviously everyone! We all loooove to look our best at all times! Whether it's rainy, boiling hot, humid, or dramatically cold, here is a list of hairstyle that will make you look amazing no matter what the forecast is!

Rainy day ? Not a hairstyle problem:

On a rainy day, no need for a highly styled look! Just like itsy bitsy spider, it will fall back down as soon as you step outside! These hairstyles will make you want to be "singing in the rain".

When a storm is forecasted, the low ponytail is for sure the perfect style to adopt for the occasion. It is classy, doesn't require much effort AND will remain the same no matter how bad the weather is!

Also, the wet bun effect is THE perfect look for a rainy day! I mean no explanation is needed... (rain=wet..)

Another great hairstyle to adopt when rain is forecasted is the braid with a headband. The headband will keep your hair in place and will add an extra cute touch to the overall style. My tip will be to be wearing  a headband which color matches your outfit or your makeup.

Last but not least, the "sleek wet hair separated in the middle"kind of  look is my go-to for such situations. Again, fairly easy to realize, classy and it will clearly do the trick !

Too hot? Hot damn !

The last thing you want during a hot summer day is to have your sweaty hair sticking to your neck, and your own sweat dripping down your neck!

The trick to avoid such a disastrous and uncomfortable situation is  to have a lifted hairstyle. Indeed, all kind of braids, buns, ponytails, and more will be perfect for the occasion!

The first look is the crown of braids (and let's be real, you will feel like a sweat-free queen with this crown!). This style is perfect for every situation, whether it is a date or a day at the office, it will make the trick!

You can also rock a great style with some barrettes to lift up your hair.

When the thermometer reaches 30 degrees, a ponytail is always a great idea! Ladies and gentlemen, i present you the sleek wrapped ponytail, your new summer days best friend.

Finally, for a more classy day at the office, you can go for the french trist. This hairstyle is fairly easy to do and very profesional while being sweat-free certified!

And for a night out, you can go for the "messy" french twist. A more laid back kind of look, while being sexy!

How to make winter your hairstyle wonderland:

Say goodbye to all the elaborated hairstyles, they will undeniably be destroyed under your hat! The trick is to keep it simple, and it will allow you to sleep an extra half an hour in the morning! ;)

Say hello to low ponytails, classic short hairstyles and buns.

Indeed, the twisted bun hairstyle will be the star of the winter season! Easy to replicate, and trendy, everyone will want it! This style will allow you to wear a hat and not freeze your ears off while staying classy.

Bangs are here to stay! They will be your winter best friend,  they  easily add a stylish touch to your hairstyle without being too much of a pain to take care of!

If you already tried all these, read our blog on the best hairstyles to adopt to fit your winter wardrobe !!

Humidity is not your enemy :

Who says humidity, means frizziness ! And that is exactly what you want to avoid!

Your goal with such temperatures is to attract the eye on something else than your frizzy hair. I would suggest to do so by adding some accessories to your hair, such as headbands, scrunchies, barrettes... Humid weather is a tricky weather and everyone reacts differently to humidity.  My tip would be to keep your hair as high as possible to reduce the contact between your hair and the air. 

As french braids are good for all weather, whether the temperature is sky-high, or if it's crazy  humid... The trick here is to add some salt spray to your hair before styling it. This will ensure a nice hold.

If frizzy hair is also your number #1 enemy, make sure to read our article on winning the battle against frizz!

Hopefully this little guide helped you find the perfect hair for all kinds of different weather! 


Bea ;)