The time is NOW.

September is around the corner which means it's time for scarves, sweaters, leather jackets, burgundy colors, and... A fresh new haircut and style.

It's officially time to start brainstorming what your fall do will be and we know just the haircut. We're going to give you all the inspiration you need!

Hint: it's time to go short, ladies!


Sweater season is upon us and we're here for it!

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With every new season, comes a new wardrobe and new hair; it's common knowledge. Summer, fall, and winter all bring out different hair goals and we're here to provide you with the best autumn haircut and style inspiration you've seen yet!


The Messy Bob

2018 is definitely the year of the bob; we've seen all of Hollywood rock the bob at this point, and now it's your turn. Only this time, the bob has an autumn twist: the messy bob!

This hairstyle has "fall season" written all over it; if you haven't gone short already, it's time. The messy bob hairstyle is elegant and super easy to maintain, especially during the fall and winter months - no humidity. The messier, the better! But unfortunately, it's not that simple; only the very lucky ones can roll out of bed with the perfect messy-hair look (we're not jealous). The rest of us will need the following styling tips...


What you'll need to style your messy bob:

  • Ionic Hair Dryer: If you haven't yet gotten yourself an ionic hair dryer, we strongly urge you to do so... Unless you don't want healthier or shinier hair? Give Hair Treats' Ionthority a go.

Learn everything you need to know about ionic hair dryers here.

  • Thermal Round Brush: The perfect item to pair with your ionic hair dryer; thermal brushes retain the heat from the hair dryer and gives you the perfect voluminous-messy-bob look. Hair Forensic's 4-Piece Round Thermal Brush Set will do just the trick.

  • Flat Iron: The flat iron isn't just great for achieving straight hair, it's also the perfect tool for wavy and curly hairstyles!

Hair Treats' Practitioner will give you the perfect messy waves while giving you a shiny finish.


How To Style Your Messy Bob:

  1. Blow-dry your hair using your ionic hair dryer and thermal brushes by sectioning. Don't worry if your hair isn't perfectly straight after your blow-dry - you are going for a messy look, after all!
  2. Using your flat iron, section your hair as you did when blow-drying, and begin curl your entire head.
  3. After you've curled your hair, run your fingers through the curls to break them up.
  4. To make your curls less curly and more wavy, brush through your curls gently.


For those of you thinking about it, we have a feeling that this hairstyle alone will convince you... 



The center-part is always a go-to; it's so simple, yet so stylish. Of course, not every face shape suits the middle-part, but there are alternatives, like an off-center parting - read which parting is best for you here

If you're looking for a change to bring into the new season, but don't want a drastic change; changing your hair-part is the perfect solution. The middle-part is on trend this autumn season, so take the following notes to get the perfect middle-part style...


What you'll need to style your center-part:

  • To help hold your new hair-part, check out Beauty Route’s flexible-hold products here!


Finger Waves (aka '40s Waves)

You may have noticed that the '90s bob cut made a comeback this year... Well so did the '40s waves! Finger waves are a more autumn-y wavy look; very Old Hollywood. 

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Here's what you'll need to get the look:


Styling Steps:

  1. Begin with flat, straightened hair.
  2. Using your metal clips, divide your hair horizontally into three sections: one at the crown, one at the tops of your ears, and leave the remainder loose.
  3. Using your 1.25 inch curling iron, begin curling the section of loose hair. Continue curling until you’ve finished the bottom and middle sections.
  4. For the section on the crown, you will change up the method a bit: you will begin by taking a section of hair and placing the curling iron parallel to your head. Clamp down on the upper part of the section for a few seconds. Your hair threads must be over the barrel. 
  5. Place the curling iron below the newly created bend in your hair. Now, make sure that your hair threads are under the barrel - rather than over, and clamp down on the hair.
  6. Repeat this procedure - hair over the barrel, hair under the barrel, until all the sectioned hair from the crown are complete. The hair waves will form a soft "S" shape.
  7. Run your fingers in your hair to separate the curls and use your teasing comb to tease the crown a little. This will soften any separation from the various curling patterns in your do.


Curtain Bangs

If looks from the '40s, '90s, and early 2000's are coming back, then you better believe that bangs also are making a comeback - but this time, with a twist: Introducing Curtain Bangs. This style originally was popular in the '60s, then came back in the '90s, and now has made a return for Autumn 2018.

Curtain bangs and curtain fringes are trending and we're here for it - it's a full set of bangs, with a 'V' shape, parted in the middle. And what's the best part about curtain bangs?

It suits everyone - literally everyone. It also comes with the advantage of making your face appear slimmer. Curtain bangs is also another alternative to satisfying your need for change, yet not committing to something insanely drastic.


Time for you ladies to get in the fall spirit!


But don't be like Dwight...

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Ditch the pumpkin, and choose a trending hairstyle, so you can enter Autumn 2018 the right way!


What Autumn trend will you be rocking this fall? Let us know!