Have you ever heard of Aquatic Botanical Grooming?

Well for starters, Aquatic Botanicals are seaweeds like Kelp, Alaria, Kombu, Dulce, Sea Oak, Irish Moss, and Rockweed. What do these all have in common? Yes, they are types of seaweed  but they are also all essentials for better, healthier skin.

Beauty Route is proud to finally offer you beauties the brand behind the grooming perfection: Alluvian. Also known as: your new obsession.

Read to learn more about Alluvian and its products and to read our exclusive interview with founder, John Cowan!


Don't miss out on our exclusive interview with Alluvian's founder, John Cowan - read to the end.


Not only is the environment is in trouble, but so are we!

We expose ourselves to harmful chemicals on a daily basis, simply through the plastic containers of our body-wash, shampoos, deodorants, and many other personal care items that are derived through bioaccumulation in food chains!

These harmful chemicals have negative affects on people, including Bisphenol A and phthalates.

What are these crazy science terms, you ask? These are know as powerful endocrine disrupters which can be linked to health problems like decreased fertility in men.  And did you know that micro-plastics can even be found in our commercial sea salt? If the human race continues on this path, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than there are fish!


Introducing Alluvian: a solution to live a plastic-free lifestyle.

Our product lines represent not only affordable luxury but a conscience choice to eliminate plastic and try to reduce some environmental ills that grow by the day. Our products and packaging are free of plastic and are recyclable, biodegradable, or a combination of both.

- Founder, John Cowan



 A Product Line That's 100% Plastic-Free

One of the things we love about Alluvian is how it values being 100% plastic-free with the goal to protect you and the planet! Living plastic-free is so important; the plastic we use today is still leaching harmful chemicals and is either being consumed or entangling wildlife. Alluvian, being 100% plastic-free, brings the world one step closer to eliminating plastic pollution.


Go Organic, Or Go Home

Just when you thought Alluvian couldn't get any better, their product line is all ORGANIC. Yep, that's right - Alluvian makes sure to use only certified organic ingredients throughout their entire product line. Alluvian products are formulated with plant-based oils and with seaweed off the coast of Maine!

Does it get any more organic than this?  We think not.


Alluvian's Key Ingredients That We Love

If you love essential oils, then you'll LOVE Alluvian; the products in the Alluvian product line include essential oils!

And if you haven't joined in on the essential oils trend, now's the time and we have just the brand to help you get into it...

Here are the benefits of some of our favorite essential oils found in Alluvian products!

  • Sweet Almond Oil: Sweet Almond Oil is your skin's new BFF; it's full of vitamin E, vitamin A, mono-saturated fatty acids, protein, potassium, and zinc. Long story short, it keeps your skin cells healthy, protects it from UV radiation damage, and makes your skin look silky smooth, and soft.
  • Organic Coconut Oil: This is the true holy grail oil because it's amazing for you skin, hair AND nails! Organic coconut helps moisturize and soften your skin. Coconut oil can also keeps your hair and nails beautiful, healthy and shiny. It's actually is considered to be one of the best natural nutrients for your hair.
  • Apricot Oil: Composed of unsaturated fatty acids, Apricot Oil is a great moisturizer! It's also amazing for reducing under-eye dark circles, for retaining moisture in your hair, and for oil cleansing.
  • Grape Seed Oil:   Grape Seed Oil is also rich in vitamins C, D, and E, which help with reducing wrinkles and scars. It helps in tightening the skin. Because the oil includes polyphenols and antioxidants, it's a great way to treat acne as well.


Our Interview with Alluvian's founder, John Cowan

We had the pleasure of interviewing John Cowan, the founder of Alluvian. Learn what inspired him to make Alluvian a reality, the mission behind Alluvian, and all the products the brand has to offer!


Alluvian offers solutions to a more sustainable and plastic-free lifestyle – what made you want to combine your passion for saving the planet with a beauty product line?

"Great question. Distilled down, it has everything to do with quality and sustainability.  The impact of a grooming routine needs to stop after function, leaving no long-term traces behind.  I remember walking along the southeastern coast of Iceland - a truly pristine environment without a soul for miles.  The black sand beaches and jagged rock formations carried into the ocean a sense of fierce wild, purity.  Washed ashore, mixed in with the frons of kelp, was a collection of plastic waste, mostly cosmetic.  It further instilled in me the need for change.  Consumable items should be that, consumable for the user and consumable when cast back into the planet."


What product would you say is your bestseller and why do you think that is?

"By far, our bestseller is our Alluvian Shave Soap line.  Seasonality changes the demand in scent preference; however, our Himalayan Cedar Shave Soap consistently ranks at the top.  Men find it incredibly fresh, with a rich lather that is made to endure upwards of a year of daily use."

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What is your personal favorite product from the Alluvian line and why?

"Definitely it has been our Isle of Man Shave Soap.  With the tickle of fall, the uniquely earthy and fresh scent of sage brush, wild mint, bourbon vetiver, and heart woods finds its flagship stay in my daily grooming routine. Shaving is an exercise in mindfulness.  In business, being present in the moment gives that edge needed to understand and connect with a difficult client or influence in a board meeting.  Shaving with Alluvian, provides that edge."


We noticed that many of your products include essential oils as ingredients like, Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba, etc.Many people are afraid to put such oils on their skin. Is it really okay to use?

"The oils you mention are base oils and are amazing for your skin.  They contain a range of highly protective fatty acids and vitamin E that will moisturize your skin prior to a shave.  These oils have emollient properties, absorbing quickly into your skin.  The essential oils found in each scent provide natural aromatics, free of phthalates.  Putting pure essential oils (highly concentrated) on your skin is not ideal for certain varieties.  The blend of base oils with essential oils is in a harmonious ratio that provides rounded aromatherapeutic benefits not found in synthetic fragrance varieties."


How would you best describe the Alluvian user?

"Alluvian has a fairly diverse customer base. Generally speaking, our users tend to be active millennial professionals who appreciate quality, performance, and reducing their plastic footprint. "


What are the scientific benefits that come from using products from Alluvian – in other words, what are the benefits from using plastic-free and organic beauty products on ourselves?

"The benefits of using high quality, plastic free grooming products by Alluvian are substantial.  The wild harvested aquatic botanicals, organic oils, and aromatics contribute to a formulation rich in micronutrients and omega fatty acids that rejuvenates skin and awakens the senses.  Eliminating plastic from the equation reduces your contact with BPA, a hormone disruptor, as well as protects the natural environment from the long term, damaging effects of plastic waste.  Remember, plastic persists on to next generation and only will continue to accumulate in our oceans and aquatic environments.  It is up to us to make a change."

Not only will you achieve ultimate beauty benefits using Alluvian's products, you will be saving the planet as well!

What's not to love? Alluvian products are now available at Beautyroute.com!


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