We can't believe we're saying it but... 2018 is actually coming to an END!

We're sadly at the tail end of summer which only means...

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Winter is coming! 

And winter doesn't only bring us snow, it also brings in a new year. Which means you have just over 4 months to try out all of 2018's best hair trends before the 2019 hair trends emerge - and who knows what's in store for then...


Now's the time to make the most of your year and try all of 2018's hair trends before the 2019 hair trends creep up on you! So grab your pen; it's time to take notes.

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You might already be aware of the latest 2018 hair trend: the comeback of 90s bob cuts. If you aren't, read our previous blog post to get in on the trend!

You can't bring 2018 hair trends into 2019, so hurry! You still have enough time to embrace these trends while they're still here - and before they become so yesterday. 


Super High Ponytails

You probably have memories of being a young girl, rocking the super high ponytail, right? Well now you get to bring back this hairstyle - but with a couture twist. Not only is this hairstyle screaming 'chic', but how it effectively keeps your hair out of your face makes it practical. The super high ponytail is basically the new messy-bun; when you're having a bad hair day or hiding the fact that you skipped shampoo day, give the high ponytail a try.

Tools needed for achieving this look: Salon Club's Fine Tooth Tail Comb and Lakme's Ecolak Hairspray

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It's no coincidence that this fierce hairstyle is seen on the most fierce women in Hollywood; Khloe Kardashian, Beyoncé, Bella Hadid... Need we say more?



If you're feeling extra boujee, then take Versace's advice: grab some barettes and rock the 2018 Spring Milan runway look. Like the 'super high ponytail' look, barettes may bring you back to your days as a little girl - but THESE barettes are the more polished and adult version. The addition of barettes can make your hairstyle go from generic and boring, to fashion. 

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We suggest parting your hair in the middle and pinning both sides with a barrette or a fancy-looking bobby pin. And voilà.


The Slicked Back, Wet Look

The slicked back, wet look - a personal favorite. There's just something about wet-looking hair that makes you look 10x better. No? Just me?

Well, regardless if you agree or not, it's IN STYLE. The problem with the wet hair look is the staying-wet part; how is achieving this look possible, you ask? Here's how:

The key to this look is working a great hair gel from your root to tip with a wide tooth comb focusing mainly on the roots. Try Dannyco's Wide Tooth Comb!

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It's really that simple - so little effort required to be right on trend.


Golden or Honey Blonde Hair

Raise your hand if you remember when everyone was going platinum blonde last year... The Kardashians definitely all remember - and may have actually initiated the trend.

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Well in 2018, it's all about the honey and golden blonde colors! Just think Blake Lively, or Jennifer Aniston - gorgeous. 

The golden and honey blonde is more of a natural blonde, so if you're not a natural blonde, not to worry: it's super easy to achieve this color at the salon! If natural dark haired beauties, like Jessica Alba and Beyonce, have rocked golden blonde highlights/lowlights, then you can also! What's so great about this color is that you can also achieve it without having to commit to fully dyeing your hair; you can get golden with clip-in ombre blonde extensions, requesting an ombre coloring or a balayage!


Big, Natural Curls

We decided to save best for last: BIG, NATURAL CURLS! Why is this the best trend? Because this trend has managed to stay on trend for now its second year in a row. 2017 was all about embracing your hair's natural texture, which included those big, bouncy, natural curls. It's so refreshing to see women be proud of their luscious mane.

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If you're going to rock this trend, we recommend you avoid brushing your hair when styling to help preserve the shape of your natural curls.


Ready, set, GO!

2018 is coming to an end, ladies. Take advantage of these hair trends while they're still in style!

End the year with a bang. 


Let us know which trend you're trying out next!