You took the plunge and got a new chop but now you’re not sure how to style it? Fear no more, because hairstylist Justine Marjan showed us how to style a bob in 3 different ways!



Look 1: Flat Iron Waves

Start by creating a center part with a rat tail comb using the bridge of your nose as a guide. Section the hair as needed in order to make styling easier. Using the GHD Platinum Flat Iron with a light grip, “bevel” the hair by pointing it down and up repeatedly to create S waves. Continue to do this all the way around the head in sections until it’s completely waved. Done!


Look 2: Spiral Ribbon Curls

Begin by flipping hair to the opposite side you wear it on. To curl with the GHD Platinum Flat Iron, begin by pointing the flat iron down and moving the hair away from your face and pull it through. Curl the whole head and then massage your scalp and flip your hair back into the desired position for extra volume. Voluminous hair made easy!



Look 3: Half-Up Topknot

Starting with textured hair, grab the top section of hair and secure it in a ponytail with an elastic. Next, twist and secure the hair into a top-knot bun with bobbypins. Finish the look by creating loose waves on the bottoms strands of hair and you’re good to go!


All these looks are easily created using the GHD Platinum Flat Iron, a favorite forProfessional Hairstylists and everyday users alike! 


A few similar tools you can achieve this look with:


Enjoy your new look!