Wahl Professional 5 Star Magic Cordless Clipper


Achieve professional grooming results with the Wahl Professional 5 Star Magic Cordless Clipper. This top-tier cordless clipper is a trusted choice among barbers and stylists, delivering precision cutting and styling performance. Experience the magic of effortless, high-quality haircuts and grooming at home or in the salon.

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The Wahl Professional 5 Star Magic Cordless Clipper is a grooming powerhouse that stands as a trusted companion for barbers and stylists worldwide. This cordless clipper is renowned for its precision cutting, versatile styling, and exceptional performance.

Equipped with a high-precision stagger-tooth blade, the Magic Clipper ensures effortless and smooth cuts, making it ideal for both close fades and longer styles. Its cordless design provides freedom of movement, allowing for easy maneuvering during intricate grooming tasks.

With long-lasting lithium-ion battery power, this clipper can tackle multiple haircuts on a single charge. The Magic Clipper offers precise cutting length adjustments, enabling barbers and stylists to cater to various client preferences.

The durable and robust build of the clipper guarantees its longevity, making it a reliable tool for professionals in the industry. The stylish design and comfortable grip enhance the user experience, ensuring a comfortable and efficient grooming session every time.

Wahl has a long-standing reputation for producing top-quality grooming tools, and the 5 Star Magic Cordless Clipper lives up to that standard. Whether you're a professional barber or someone who values salon-quality results at home, this clipper is your key to achieving outstanding, precise, and stylish haircuts with ease and confidence. Upgrade your grooming routine with the Wahl Professional 5 Star Magic Cordless Clipper and experience the magic of professional-grade haircutting in your hands.

Key Features:

  • Cordless & Corded option
  • 90 minute run time
  • 8 Cutting Guides (1/16", 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1)
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Rotary Motor
  • Lightweight (less than 1 pound)
  • Unique stagger-tooth blade blends hair and creates texture while cutting
  • Includes cleaning oil, styling comb, cleaning brush and blade guards.



Wahl has been the leader in professional and home grooming category since 1919, with the invention of the first practical electric hair clipper. Today,Wahl has over 4,000 employees worldwide & proud to carry forward the tradition of innovation and superior customer service.

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